Is there something we need to look into? Have you noticed something in your neighborhood that other New Yorkers need to know about? Do you have documents, recordings, or correspondence you think we should see? If you know about something happening that needs public attention or is illegal, unethical, a conflict of interest or anything else that may be breaking the public trust, we want to hear from you.

Before you talk to us about something confidential or sensitive, we need you to be careful. Consider the device you’re using to contact us and who has administrative access to it. Make sure, for example, that you use a personal device, not one owned by your employer or agency.

General News Tip

If you’ve got a general news tip, you can fill out the form below. If you’d like to reach out to an individual reporter, visit our staff page using the links above to find their contact information.

This is an optional field in case you’d like to remain anonymous but it’s important to let us know how we can ask follow-up questions. For sensitive or especially confidential tips, see contact methods below.
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The form is the fastest way to get in touch with us, but if you prefer email you can send your tip to

Sensitive or Confidential Information

If you need additional anonymity and increased security, there are a few ways to contact us:

U.S. Mail

Sending documents or a thumb drive via U.S. mail is a very secure way to communicate. Generally speaking, the government cannot open it in transit without a warrant. For even greater security use a sidewalk mailbox instead of a company or agency mailroom, or a post office.

Our postal address is:

85 Broad St., 12th Floor
New York, NY 10004


A good, secure way to contact us digitally using a smartphone or computer is an application called Signal. It’s a lot like text messaging or WhatsApp but with more security. You can send us Signal messages at +1-929-609-8265. Please note that we typically monitor this number only during working hours. 

Questions and Letters to the Editor

If you need to reach out to us with a concern or thought about a story, email us at

Questions About New York City

Living in New York can be a lot. We welcome questions about how things work and how to navigate life here. If you’ve got questions about NYC, you can see if we’ve already answered it (and you can submit it for us to answer if we haven’t) on our How to New York page.