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When It Comes to Special Education, What’s Working and What Isn’t? Let’s Talk About it at the Next Open Newsroom

THE CITY and Chalkbeat New York are bringing together parents, teachers, advocates and experts to discuss finding solutions to help vulnerable New York City public school students facing a lack of legally mandated services amid the pandemic.

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Food-Insecure New Yorkers Seek More Meal Deliveries From City

A survey commissioned by the de Blasio administration and obtained by THE CITY uncovered a profound need for more food — including a preference for produce they could cook at home.

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NYC Teachers are Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine. But When Will Schools Return to Normal?

Here’s why it could take a while for city schools to welcome many students back into classrooms — and what to expect in the meantime.

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Dog Rescues Curbed by Surging Global Travel Costs Driven by Pandemic

NYC groups that organize animal adoptions from around the world say COVID-19 travel restrictions have made international transportation costly where not impossible.

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Juneteenth Holiday Remains a Mere Promise From Mayor to City Workers

More than six months after announcing a day off to celebrate slaves’ liberation, Mayor Bill de Blasio has yet to start talks with municipal unions. Local Black historians are asking why the city isn’t celebrating a key New York anniversary instead.

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More Than One of Every Four People Vaccinated in the City Don’t Live in the Five Boroughs

Mayor de Blasio promises safeguards against ineligible people who come to the city looking for vaccinations. But essential workers who live in the suburbs are allowed to get their shots at city facilities.

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NYPD Pull-Out Experiment in Brownsville to Expand Elsewhere, Chief Says

A five-day pilot program that put community organizations and city agency reps in place of cops on patrol has been hailed as a successful example of "defund the police" — and is set to next grow in northern Brooklyn.

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NYPD Watchdog Board’s Bid to Probe Police Sexual Misconduct Gets Public Airing

Civilian Complaint Review Board move to investigate allegations ranging from verbal harassment to rape gets backing from legal groups and survivor advocates — and a warning from police unions that the oversight board is crossing a line.

Sign Up to Receive Updates About Rent or Employment via Email or Text

The Open Newsroom, THE CITY’s collaborative local journalism project, is heading to your inbox and phone with news to use on two crucial issues heightened by the pandemic.

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A Shot in the Dark: Overnight Vaccine Getters Take Burden Off Daytime Lines

Teachers were heavily represented at the first two 24/7 inoculation centers THE CITY checked up on Monday night into Tuesday morning.


We’re here to listen. Email or visit our tips page for other ways to share.

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Seniors Finally Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccinations Face Barriers in Getting Their Shots

Some older New Yorkers waiting on vaccines are afraid or unable to leave their homes, unsure how they’ll get to inoculation centers and daunted by the online sign-up process. Advocates are scrambling to help them.


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Queens Council Candidate Slams Campaign Finance Board for Nixing Immigrants’ Small Donations for Matching Funds

Moumita Ahmed charges the CFB unfairly singled out her Bangladeshi neighbors for extra scrutiny that’s delaying her financial support as she runs to succeed Rory Lancman.

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NYCHA Falsely Certified This Brooklyn Child’s Apartment Lead-Free. Now He Has Lead Poisoning — and He’s Not Alone

"When people make mistakes and then cover those mistakes up with lies upon lies, that’s when people get really hurt," said Sherron Paige, whose 7-year-old son, Kyan, has grown up in a lead-tainted apartment in the Red Hook Houses.

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Best Hope for NYC’s Economy in 2021: A ‘Transition Year’ With Modest Gains by the Fall

Even with vaccinations unfolding, the impending Biden presidency and Democratic control of the Senate, the city’s comeback will be slow, forecasters say.

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Homeless Feel Unwelcome at Gleaming New Moynihan Train Hall as They Stick to Penn Station

With off-limits seating and an overnight shutdown, the $1.6 billion transit space that recently opened in Manhattan puts off homeless New Yorkers. "I know it’s not for me," one man said.

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De Blasio Promised to ‘Accelerate’ His Long-Stalled Broadband Plan in July. Some 1.5 Million New Yorkers Are Still Waiting...

The mayor, who has pledged to bridge the digital divide since 2013, vowed to speed things up due to the pandemic. Mayoral hopeful Maya Wiley, once de Blasio’s point person on the project, blames "a lack of urgency."

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Hitting Home: Help Us Report on Eviction in New York City

THE CITY and Retro Report are teaming to cover the impending eviction crisis in the city. If you’re a tenant behind in rent or a landlord facing financial hardships because of the COVID-19 economic fallout, we want to hear from you.

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City Suddenly Drops Crusade to Block Chelsea Hotel Upgrade

After a lengthy legal battle over charges of tenant harassment, housing agency lawyers abandon their case as a decades-old document surfaces. A lawyer for some residents calls the reversal "highly suspicious."

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Staten Island Rep. Nicole Malliotakis Faces Backlash After Joining GOP Bid to Overturn Biden Win

Some observers say that after less than a week in office she may be vulnerable to a challenge in 2022. Others believe her pro-Trump stand could help cement her power in the conservative heart of her district.

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