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New York’s 100-Year-Old Businesses Offer Lessons in Survival

These savvy centenarians have anchored communities and weathered crises from the Great Depression to COVID. Can they withstand further uncertainty?

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Pre-K for All? NYC’s Universal Preschool Push Leaves Students With Disabilities Behind

The city’s preschool programming has poorly served many students with disabilities, according to an analysis of 2019-2020 city data released Thursday by Advocates for Children.

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Bronx Fire Highlights How Energy-Efficiency Push Could Save Lives Beyond Climate Change

Newly mandated improvements to building energy efficiency in New York aren’t just ways to mitigate climate change and get off of fossil fuels, but could lead to immediate quality of life benefits for people living in affordable housing.

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Used Around the World, Platform Doors Keep Getting Scratched Off MTA To-Do List

The deadly shoving of Michelle Go in front of an R train on Saturday at the city’s busiest subway station has revived calls for the MTA to install protective shields on train platforms.

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CITY stats: Trends to Watch for the Future of NYC

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As Eviction Pause Ends in New York, Here’s What Tenants Should Know

More than 200,000 eviction cases currently pending in city housing courts could begin to move forward again as early as Tuesday. Read this if yours may be one of them.

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Why Are Latina Moms in New York Reporting Such High Levels of Anxiety and Depression? 

The pandemic’s emotional strains are falling especially heavy on communities hit hardest by COVID, unemployment and child care challenges.

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Candidates for New York’s Next Governor: Who’s Still Running to Run This State?

Kathy Hochul is hoping to win a full term, but other Democrats are lining up for a primary challenge. And Republicans have been campaigning and raising cash for months before she took over from Andrew Cuomo.

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Hochul Balanced Budget Proposal Banks on Wealthy Staying Put

Projecting billions in boosted tax revenue and cashing in federal aid, state budget plan socks away funds for a future rainy day while helping New York dig out from COVID calamity.

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How to Join a Community Board, and What to Know Before You Apply

They’re the entry level of local government, but what do community boards really do? And how are members chosen? It’s application season, so here’s a guide for anyone who wants to get involved.


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Wounds of Bronx Fire Felt Half a World Away in The Gambia

People in two tiny West Africa towns are stunned by the deaths of sisters, nephews and mothers in a tight-knit immigrant community.

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‘We Are All Linked Together’: Hundreds Mourn Twin Parks Fire Victims

Fifteen victims of the Twin Parks Towers Northwest blaze were honored with a traditional Muslim funeral prayer on Sunday, a week after the deadly fire killed 17. Some attending demanded action to improve housing.

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The Deliveristas’ Long Journey to Justice

The City Council led the nation Sept. 23 by passing a set of bills to ensure bathroom access, minimum pay and more for the app-based delivery workers who kept New Yorkers fed during the pandemic. Here’s what you to know about the Deliveristas’ ongoing journey.

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The Open Newsroom, THE CITY’s collaborative local journalism project, is heading to your inbox and phone with news to use on two crucial issues heightened by the pandemic.

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Education: Trends to Watch for the Future of NYC

Traditional public school K-12 enrollment dropped 5.8% under de Blasio, even before COVID and remote learning. Charter schools are a big reason.

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Transportation: Trends to Watch for the Future of NYC

Deaths despite Vision Zero measures and slowing bus speeds signal bumps ahead.

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Eric Adams Faces Second Council Defeat in Fight Over Investigations Post

Mayor Eric Adams’ team wants control over committee with subpoena power over city agencies — but another contender, city government veteran Gale Brewer, has the new speaker’s support, sources say.

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City to Make It Easier for Siblings to Attend Same Middle School

The Department of Education policy affects roughly 9,000 out of about 80,000 fifth graders who have siblings in the same grade or sixth grade.

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Former Nurse Faces Court Battle After Being Shot by Cops During Mental Health Crisis

Defense lawyers say the Staten Island case highlights the problem of having the NYPD handle emergency calls involving emotionally disturbed people.

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Homelessness: Trends to Watch for the Future of NYC

The number of families in shelters has plummeted, while single adults seek shelter in near-record numbers.

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