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Brooklyn DA Drops Gun Charge Against City Council Member, Citing ‘Inoperable’ Weapon

Southern Brooklyn Councilmember Inna Vernikov is going to be cleared of an illegal gun charge, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office told THE CITY on Friday — despite social media photos from last month that appeared to show the Republican with a gun on her waist at a counter-protest against pro-Palestinian college students. A New York […]

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Who’s Investigating the Eric Adams Campaign and Why: A Frequently Updated Guide

The number of people under investigation in Mayor Eric Adams’ world continues to grow. The latest: Federal investigators are trying to determine if Adams’ 2021 campaign for mayor conspired with the Turkish government to accept illegal foreign donations. It’s part of a widening probe that includes whether Adams cleared red tape with the FDNY for […]

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Before FBI Probe, Eric Adams Campaign Accepted and Returned $10,000 in Donations Linked to Turkish University

Less than two months before the 2021 general election, the Eric Adams campaign received five $2,000 donations from people listed as employees of Bay Atlantic University, a small Turkish-owned institution based in Washington, D.C. Now, the university-linked contributions are under scrutiny as part of an investigation conducted by federal prosecutors and the F.B.I. to determine […]

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FBI Raids Home of Top Adams Fundraiser Brianna Suggs as Mayor Rushes Back to NYC

Federal agents raided the Crown Heights home of a top fundraiser for Mayor Eric Adams early Thursday, according to reports, leading the mayor to return to the city immediately after traveling to Washington D.C. to discuss the migrant crisis.  The raid on the residence of Brianna Suggs, first reported by The New York Times, happened […]

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Queens Public Administrator to Depose Speculator Bros About Forgery Claims Uncovered by THE CITY

A home in Douglaston, Queens, estimated to be worth more than a million dollars, has become the focal point of a showdown between city officials and a trio of real estate speculators accused of predatory practices and fraud. Through an LLC called The Queens Foundation, one of those speculators had acquired interests in the property […]

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State Cannabis Agency Pauses Trials for Unlicensed Shops

The state Office of Cannabis Management has stopped holding trials where judges may recommend fines and other penalties for illegal sales — pausing consequences following its raids on unlicensed smoke shops.  The state cannabis agency made that admission to THE CITY after repeated requests from a reporter to observe one of OCM’s enforcement hearings. The […]

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What to Do When Children’s Services Comes to the Door

Every year, the Administration for Children’s Services visits families in New York City tens of thousands of times. Typically, those investigations start with a knock on the door as staff members of the child welfare agency try to assess reports of abuse or neglect by a parent or other family member. That first moment is […]