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FDNY Canceled a Dozen Inspections, Including at a Brooklyn Public School, to Fast Track City Hall VIP

The pressure from Mayor Eric Adams’ team to fast-track an FDNY inspection of a 77-story office tower at Hudson Yards triggered the cancelation of fire inspections for a dozen non-VIP New Yorkers, including an overcrowded, racially diverse public school in Brooklyn’s Dyker Heights. In the spring of 2022, 50 Hudson Yards landed at the top […]

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Not Just the Turks: Feds Looking at Mayor’s List That Allegedly Let Big Developers Cut FDNY Line

As part of its probe into the Eric Adams campaign’s connections to Turkey, the FBI is looking into whether an internal list of property owners seeking approval of fire alarm systems, kept by the mayor’s office under both Bill de Blasio and Adams, allowed prominent real estate developers to cut the line for crucial inspections, […]

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NYCHA Moves to Limit E-Bikes After Rescinding Proposed Ban

Last year the New York City Housing Authority proposed and then backed down from a rule that would have banned storing or charging lithium-ion battery powered e-bikes and e-scooters in public housing.  The idea was to reduce the possibility of dangerous fires sparked by the potentially volatile batteries, but the proposed ban ran into pushback […]