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De Blasio Touts Pact to Fire NYPD Cops for Chokeholds as THE CITY and ProPublica Spotlight Officers Who Kept Jobs

Mayor Bill de Blasio touted a new disciplinary regime for police Thursday — promising to fire NYPD cops who use chokeholds after THE CITY and ProPublica highlighted minimal consequences for officers employing the banned maneuver.  “This is a sea change because it says: Here are the offenses, here are the penalties,” de Blasio said at […]

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Unemployment Claims Jump as the City’s Budget Picture Grows Bleaker. Can Joe Biden Help Stem a Deeper Pandemic Recession?

Unemployment claims in New York City have soared in the month since Gov. Andrew Cuomo banned indoor dining due to a rise in COVID-19 cases — a sign of a deepening recession. The numbers came to light as Mayor Bill de Blasio painted an increasingly bleak city budget picture and as Comptroller Scott Stringer gave […]

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Students on Rikers Island Locked Out of Remote Learning Video Chat With Teachers

Additional reporting by Reuven Blau For hundreds of young people on Rikers Island trying to finish high school, even Zoom is out of reach. Since the pandemic shut down face-to-face learning in March, city jails have yet to set up video conferencing for incarcerated students attempting to continue their education following an arrest.  Kids held […]

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De Blasio Promised Nearly Six Months Ago to End Solitary Confinement. So Where’s the Plan?

In June, when Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he would end solitary confinement in city-run jails, he said he expected a working group to give him recommendations on how to do it “in the fall.”  The chair of the Board of Correction, which makes the rules for city lockups, said on Oct. 21 that the […]

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Inmates Say Warden Brings Calm to Rikers’ Young Adult Jail, But Correction Officers Balk

When things are tense in the young adult housing areas at the Robert N. Davoren Complex jail on Rikers Island, sneakers are on. There are times, the 18- to 21-year-olds housed there believe, they must be ready to fight or run.  But lately they’ve been wearing slippers, noted one young man who was recently released.  […]

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New Gambit in NYC Self-Storage Wars: Some Owners Willing to Cut Struggling Customers Free as Demand Booms

With increasing pressure on self-storage facilities to pause auctions for hard-hit customers, industry officials have a new message for those who can’t pay: Make a deal or just get out.  Industry representatives say that with storage demand high in New York with many people’s living arrangements in a pandemic-driven flux, owners need their spaces back […]