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Adams Turkey Probe 

The latest on the federal probe of alleged Turkish links to the 2021 Eric Adams mayoral campaign.

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How landlords open trap doors in New York’s tenant laws to jack up rents and escape state oversight.

Deed Finders

When homeowners die without a will, speculators scoop up shares from unsuspecting heirs in a scheme that’s destroying generational wealth in NYC’s Black and Latino neighborhoods.

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Department of Investigation Opens Inquiry into a Key Adams Aide, Winnie Greco

The city’s Department of Investigation has opened an inquiry into Mayor Eric Adams’ Director of Asian Affairs, Winnie Greco, following reporting by THE CITY on allegations that Greco tried to benefit improperly from her government position. Greco was hired as a senior advisor to the mayor in January 2022 at a salary of $100,000. Over…

NY State Junked up to $1.6M Worth of PPE Stored Outside During Pandemic

As much as $1.6 million worth of personal protective equipment was damaged so badly it had to be tossed during the Coronavirus pandemic after being stored improperly for months outside a state-operated nursing home in Queens, a new probe by the state inspector general found. The probe was launched in the summer of 2021 in…

The Missing Cannabis Crackdown

After THE CITY exclusively reported that New York State’s Office of Cannabis Management has ceased holding trials of operators cited for unlicensed pot product sales despite a proliferation of illegal storefronts, the Daily News followed with an editorial, headlined “Not fine with no fines,” demanding that the state legislature increase fines and fund…

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LISTEN: George Santos Defines Democracy’s Deterioration  

Show Notes: Here’s Harry’s column on Eric Adams’ plunging poll numbers. Just below is Rob Blogojevich praising the the Mekons though you’ll have to listen to the new episode to get the context for that, and you can also go to the end of this episode from March to hear an East Village mini-concert from…