Worker Safety

An analysis by THE CITY of workers compensation claims found thousands more workplace injuries, beyond those explicitly attributed to heat, on days 85 degrees or hotter.
Nearly three dozen municipal pools will stay open an extra hour, but 6 p.m. remains the last whistle for city beaches.
The Chelsea Roastery workers who sought to oust their union are represented by a prominent anti-union advocacy group.
The case against Odessa Safety comes after undercover agents reported they exchanged cash for documents that falsely certified they received 40 hours of required safety training.
Inspectors discovered another unstable wall about to collapse, just steps from where a laborer died in Chinatown while doing demolition on Tuesday.
Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez, who prosecuted the case, said the construction collapse that killed Luis Sánchez was a preventable tragedy.
The measures restrict the sale of certain types of e-bikes and the batteries that power them and ban “second-use” batteries.
Fatalities rise again, following a dip during the COVID construction pause.
A measure introduced by state lawmakers aims to address the conditions that led to heat-related illnesses among UPS delivery truck drivers last summer.
Fires caused by the lithium-ion batteries in e-bikes, scooters and other mobile equipment are on the rise in New York City. Here’s how to stay safe, according to experts.
Most of the battery-related fires take place in working-class residential neighborhoods in Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx.
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The inspection report, obtained by THE CITY, also found other violations including old food residue on surfaces like a matcha stirrer and a cappuccino nozzle.
New York City requires 40 hours of OSHA-certified training for workers on building and demolition jobs. The few free classes available are now overwhelmed.
E-bikes have become an essential tool workers use to meet brutal delivery schedules. They’ve also sparked deadly fires in public housing.
The areas around the West 4th Street, Times Square-42nd Street and 125th Street stations on the Lexington Avenue line had the highest number of “track intrusions,” which are up 20% since before the pandemic.
Smoke and gases from smoldering wires can send manhole covers flying — and the results can be disastrous.
Blaming “multiple failures” when it comes to worker protection, Ty Jeter recounted how she feared for her life when her cab door was kicked in on a southbound No. 6 train.
Only workers who aren’t fully vaccinated are notified of positive cases in their office. Municipal staffers say safety hazards and double standards abound.
Plea deal for Paul Bailey in the 2018 Sunset Park worksite death of Luis Sánchez Almonte aims to get a felony rap dismissed. A contractor and foreperson still face charges after allegedly ignoring OSHA violations for dangerous conditions.
Six Chinese phlebotomists employed by BioReference Laboratories are alleging years of unequal pay and work conditions. They’ve filed complaints with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission while preparing a lawsuit.
At least two drivers have been denied injured-on-the-job claims because one was on a coffee break when he saved an elderly couple from a mugger and the other had just stepped off a bus before a maskless passenger hit him.