In the second year of the Adams administration, public employees are asking when raises might be coming — but a bitter and costly fight over retiree health care isn’t over.
In a growing number of lawsuits, municipal workers who were put on unpaid leave or terminated after seeking religious exemptions to an employee COVID shot mandate are getting judges to order their reinstatement.
The mostly Latino fill-in cleaning crews say they worked during COVID when nobody else wanted to, but were fired just days before New Year with little notice.
The latest economic numbers show a city still struggling its way toward pandemic recovery, with employment in construction, retail, and leisure and hospitality all lagging their pre-pandemic levels.
The allegation, which the medical center denies, came as the 7,000-member strike at Montefiore and Mount Sinai hospitals stretched into a second day.
Teamsters Local 553 had represented just three drivers at the facility, but other United Metro Energy workers — in their second year striking — are also fighting for a contract.
Sources say the interrogations are being conducted by NYPD officers and DA detective investigators, which some view as an intimidation tactic.
December’s economic update shows the city continues to lag national job growth, hitting more headwinds.
Staff return to flagship Manhattan cafe after management pledges to clean ice machines weekly and agrees to a first union bargaining session.
The newspaper’s IT specialists, security guards and sales coordinators — some of whom earn as little as $52,000 a year — strike alongside reporters for better wages.
Manny Pastreich takes over from Kyle Bragg in leading the 175,000-member building workers’ group known for breaking new ground for organized labor.
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President warns paychecks will cease for instructors at Village home to Parsons and famed liberal arts programs.
Workers who get around on mopeds are pushing for a $5 increase to cover expenses like gas and insurance.
Just 47% of workers are in business districts on any given weekday — dashing any hopes for a fall return to the workplace.
The inspection report, obtained by THE CITY, also found other violations including old food residue on surfaces like a matcha stirrer and a cappuccino nozzle.
Required by a law spurred by worker organizing and THE CITY’s reporting, pay scale is first for the industry.
Chelsea store employees have been on strike since Oct. 25, following sightings of bedbugs in the breakroom in addition to that moldy ice.
Last year 369,000 people worked in tech jobs after a decade of fast growth. But following the meltdown of the Amazon Queens deal, nearly all those jobs are in Manhattan or Brooklyn.
New York City requires 40 hours of OSHA-certified training for workers on building and demolition jobs. The few free classes available are now overwhelmed.
Eviction case sought to remove tenants from luxury 429 E. 52nd St. after complaints of “motorcycles” ridden and parked in halls. City Council is now considering bills to prevent destructive lithium-ion battery fires.
Raúl Tenelema Puli of Queens fell 20 feet along with a heavy I-beam at a downtown Brooklyn residential tower project.