A market meltdown will have an outsized impact on the state budget, and job losses in the city’s vital tech sector loom.
Out of nearly 1,000 ballots cast at the LDJ5 warehouse, just 380 supported joining the Amazon Labor Union, which made history last month with a scrappy campaign that defeated the e-commerce giant at a neighboring warehouse.
Complaint filed with National Labor Relations Board alleges termination of Brenda Garcia interfered in SEIU fast food labor drive, while city case alleging scheduling law violations continues. Chipotle claims Garcia was never terminated.
The union representing more than 30,000 doormen and other building workers rebuffed luxury landlord demands for givebacks.
In job ads all but the smallest businesses will have to say roughly how much they plan to pay, and just hanging up a “help wanted” sign won’t get an employer off the hook.
More than 30,000 luxury building workers and doormen authorized a strike on Wednesday if they do not reach a deal on a collective bargaining agreement that expires April 20.
The retail giant is challenging NLRB certification, and a second vote at a nearby warehouse looms ahead. That’s all before anyone sits down at the bargaining table to discuss a contract.
Amendments to a salary transparency law would curb unintended consequences, business leaders claim. But advocates warn it would “gut” the law.
Up against the online megaretailer, Staten Island Amazon warehouse workers did the unthinkable with just $100,000: beat Jeff Bezos
Members of the new Amazon Labor Union are on course to become the the nation’s first unionized workers at the online retail behemoth, thanks to a grassroots independent organizing campaign.
The union contract for 30,000 residential building workers who catered to wealthy New Yorkers through the pandemic is expiring — and owners from Billionaire’s Row to The Dakota are demanding that workers help pay for their health insurance.
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The new deal between the NY Taxi Workers Alliance and Minnesota’s O’Brien-Staley Partners/OSK came in the wake of pressure from cabbies and Senator Chuck Schumer — and after reporting by THE CITY.
Workers begin voting Friday at the warehouse in Staten Island where packages from the online retail behemoth get packed for New York City customers, culminating an organizing drive by upstarts from their ranks.
In another sign of recovery, Wall Street bonuses were up 20% over last year.
New state stats put unemployment at 7.8% for January — with 2021 rates lower than previously stated. But NYC joblessness remains twice the national average.
Creating more employment opportunities that also tackle climate change could be the way to a cleaner and more financially sound future for the city and many of its least privileged residents.
A $2.1 billion program aimed at helping undocumented workers excluded from unemployment benefits was exhausted in two months. It’s still unclear whether Albany lawmakers will push to extend it.
Court rules retirees can keep current insurance free of charge, as alternative to a planned cost-cutting transfer to Medicare Advantage.
Bronx bars and souvenir stores barely clawing their way out of COVID shutdowns face a delayed start to the season at best.
Early signs show momentum to get workers back to their desks in offices — though some employers still have no formal plans to return.
“A startling trend,” says head of a leading anti-poverty organization. Adams and Hochul haven’t detailed how they might help.