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Undocumented Immigrant New Yorkers Shut Out of Federal Hurricane Ida Aid

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has so far doled out $10 million to New Yorkers impacted by the devastating remnants of Hurricane Ida earlier this month. But many undocumented immigrants are being left out of that pool.

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Ida-Deluged NYC Drainage System All But Forgotten in Climate Battle

Recent projects have expanded sewer capacity in some neighborhoods. But antiquated storm pipes leave the city vulnerable to the new normal of massive rain storms. "We need to rainproof New York City," one expert said.

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How to Clean Up After Ida: A Guide for the Flooded

What you should know about safely putting your place back together, where to look for financial help and whether renters insurance covers flood damage. (Answer: Rarely.)

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NYC Basement Apartment Storm Deaths Renew Housing Advocates’ Calls for Legalization 

With the de Blasio administration’s basement conversion pilot program stalled, tenants whose homes were just devastated by Hurricane Ida could be evicted just for seeking help.

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Historic Deadly Rains Put Spotlight on City’s Lack of Preparation

The record-breaking deluge that pummeled the city overnight Wednesday revealed weaknesses in the city’s infrastructure and planning following the second historic weather event in less than two weeks.

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PHOTOS: NYC Nor’easter Brings Snow Globe Scenes

For the first time in nearly a year, much of the city was eerily quiet for reasons other than solely the pandemic.

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No Snow Days — or Election Day Off — for NYC Public Schools This Year

Weather and in-person voting won’t matter since students can learn now remotely — and the city needs to squeeze in as many days of instruction as possible, officials say.

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Isaias Delivers Power Outages and Powerful Reminder of NYC’s Vulnerability, Years After Superstorm Sandy

The wet and windy tropical storm, which downed trees and left many New Yorkers in the dark, underscored for some a lack of preparation on power lines and much more.

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Will Your New House Flood? In New York, the Answer Is Easily Hidden

Flood risk disclosure laws in New York are particularly weak, advocates say. For $500, sellers can waive a property’s transparency record — and many do.

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What Happens If There’s a Blackout?

As Con Edison downplays the risk of a mass power outage, some New Yorkers are preparing for the possibility amid a pandemic, protests and uncertain times.


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