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Waste Management

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Checking Bill de Blasio’s Big Promises: THE CITY’s Scorecard on Eight Years of Ambitious Pledges

From affordable housing to waste reduction to high-paid jobs to commercial rent control, we look at where the results stand on some of the outgoing mayor’s major plans touted in annual State of the City and Earth Day addresses.

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Trash Transfer Station Slimdown for Overwhelmed Neighborhoods Get Appeals Court OK

Judges say City Council had a clean case to sharply reduce tons of garbage processed in the four districts dealing with most of the city’s commercial waste heaps.

Trash-Talking New Yorkers Come Together to Clean Up NYC, Litter-ally

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Complaints of Missed Trash Pickups Surge as Garbage Piles Up at Home

Sanitation officials say they’re keeping pace with mounting waste produced by households in Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island and upper Manhattan despite staff cuts.

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Mayor Says Stop Flushing Money Down Drain for Park Bathrooms

De Blasio said he’s working to streamline government bureaucracy that’s led to a 175% increase in cost of park bathrooms since 2011.

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No Relief as Pricey Park Bathrooms Put Pressure on Taxpayers

The average cost for a NYC Parks Dept. bathroom has nearly tripled to $3.6 million since 2011, records show. Now, one is slated to run $6 million.


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