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Washington Heights

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Alleged Mold Coverup Stains Public Housing Move to Private Management

A developer charged with taking over a NYCHA housing complex in Upper Manhattan patched over toxic mold with sheetrock, an investigation found. The discovery added to some tenants’ doubts about so-called RAD conversions.

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Washington Heights Armory on Defense Over Who Gets to Use Space

The Fort Washington Avenue Armory, currently a vaccination site, has some of the most coveted public space in Upper Manhattan. But some locals say the nonprofit running the building doesn’t offer equitable access.

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Washington Heights Vaccines Now for Local Residents Only, Hospital Says in Switch After THE CITY Exposed Inequities

NewYork-Presbyterian will provide access exclusively to residents of the five boroughs and prioritize residents of upper Manhattan and the South Bronx, after suburbanites flocked to its uptown armory inoculation center.

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Outsiders Get Vaccinated at Washington Heights Armory Cuomo Touted as Combating COVID ‘Inequity’

Suburban retirees drive in for life-saving shots, while city Spanish speakers rely on a reporter to translate the message: Call yet again to get an appointment.

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Over a Dozen Black and Latino Men Accused a Cop of Humiliating, Invasive Strip Searches. The NYPD Kept Promoting Him.

The men said Assistant Chief Christopher McCormack touched them inappropriately during searches or ordered others to do so. Eighty-six NYPD leaders have at least one credible misconduct allegation on file. McCormack has the most.

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Embattled Community Board Leader Steps Aside After Bias Case

Richard Lewis withdrew from the chairmanship of Manhattan Community Board 12 following an investigation that found he displayed gender bias.

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Counting on Old Uptown Playbook for Citywide Census Success

In 2010, Washington Heights and Inwood had the city’s best response rate. Officials are looking to replicate the magic amid Census 2020’s challenges.

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Foreclosure on $72m Loan Threatens GWB Bus Terminal Developers

Lenders take the firm behind the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal overhaul to court after alleged default on payments this spring.

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As the Heights Struggles With Opioid Use, Needle Exchange Program Goes Homeless

The Washington Heights CORNER Project hopes to move into the renovated George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal, but for now does its work from vans.


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