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Vision Zero

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Transportation: Trends to Watch for the Future of NYC

Deaths despite Vision Zero measures and slowing bus speeds signal bumps ahead.

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City Hall’s Protected Bike Lane ‘Green Wave’ Pedals Past Local Foes

A Brooklyn community board unanimously rejected City Hall’s plans for a new bike lane on Shore Parkway. But that didn’t stop transportation officials.

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Out of Line: Missing Street Markings Defy Vision Zero Safety Crusade

Nearly 2,000 road and bike lane-marking projects are classified as incomplete by the city Department of Transportation, some dating back to 2014.

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Mayor Declares Bicycle ‘Emergency’ While Prior Safety Plan Stalls

Dangerous swaths of Brooklyn and Queens still lack bike lanes two years into a five-year targeted expansion program.

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Progressive Promises: Bill de Blasio’s New York City Record

The mayor of America’s biggest city touts accomplishments from Pre-K to policing as he readies for the campaign trail. Here’s how he’s delivered.

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Brooklyn Pedestrians Say Broken Traffic Signal Has Been Ignored for Months

Since February, a cone has stood where a pedestrian signal once did. The intersection is just blocks from where Mayor de Blasio launched Vision Zero.


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