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Unmasked: NYC Hospitals Lag on COVID PPE Stockpile Requirement as Virus Surges

Some hospitals still don’t have a state-mandated 90-day supply of protective equipment for frontline medical workers as mayor warns renewed restrictions on public life loom.

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Wrong Masks and ‘Missing’ Ventilators: NYC’s Billion-Dollar COVID Gear Bungle

At the height of the pandemic, the city issued $1.4 billion in emergency, no-bid contracts for crucial medical equipment — and got the wrong masks and lost track of deliveries, records show. "Stop this s—t!" one bureaucrat cried during an online meeting.

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City Cancels $91 Million Ventilator Contract With De Blasio Donor

Digital Gadgets still keeps millions in city coronavirus protective gear deals as owner Charlie Tebele joins mayor’s small business advisory panel.

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Millions of N95 Masks NYC Ordered Weeks Ago for Public Hospitals Still MIA

The city’s purchasing agency has signed deals for up to 34 million masks — and has received just 637,760 so far, a review of contract records shows.

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Quest for COVID Gear Brings $119 Million Deal with de Blasio Donor

NYC to buy 2,000 ventilators and more equipment via Digital Gadgets, a New Jersey firm with a history of trading in QVC hoverboards and Apple laptops.

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How NYC’s Emergency Ventilator Stockpile Ended Up on the Auction Block

A 2006 pandemic plan warned the city could be short by up to 9,500 ventilators. But the few hundred acquired were scrapped over maintenance costs.

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Hospitals Nearing ICU Bed Limits as COVID-19 Surges in NYC

New York City is in a race against time to set up enough beds for the sickest coronavirus patients. As of Thursday, 307 ICU beds were available.

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Frontline NYC Medical Staffers Describe Daily Battle at Struggling Hospitals

They’re scrambling to make do with shrinking resources as the patient apex nears. "I am most worried I will get sick and die," one Bronx doctor said.

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One in Four NYC Hospital Coronavirus Patients Is Under Age 50

Medical staff see wave of people in 20s and 30s seriously afflicted by coronavirus. Meanwhile, most of the fatalities so far are over 65 and male.

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Trained Operators for Coronavirus Patient Ventilators Scarce in New York

Fewer breathing machine therapists and technicians in New York than all but one state in the U.S. as a share of population — "we just don’t have enough."


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