‘We just want a dignified place to sell,’ one vendor at the unpermitted Brooklyn pop-up market implored at a community meeting that drew more than 100 attendees.
You need a license to lead paid tours in New York City. Get ready to take a 150-question exam before you take a group of tourists out on the town.
The Street Vendor Project hopes rechargeable electric power supplies can improve air quality and reduce fossil fuel use.
Mayor Eric Adams pulls out of a de Blasio-era overhaul that sought to give immigrant street sellers a fighting chance to make a legit living without police involvement.
Street sellers say Sandra Ung has ignored them while taking a “stand next to only business owners.”
Sandra Ung calls for a crackdown, as business owners complain enforcement has lapsed since the NYPD got sidelined. But immigrant sellers say they have few other options for survival.
The less than a decade-old public square in Queens has seen a surge in activity as the pandemic forced immigrant families out of steady jobs and into street sales.
Hundreds of new vendor permits per year were supposed to be available starting July 1, but the details of the new process are still simmering with the Department of Health.
A bill expected to pass next week would get many vendors off a years-long waiting list and finally working legally. But pandemic-slammed restaurant owners say the extra competition would further hurt their businesses.
A cart crackdown in Lower Manhattan has licensed food sellers saying they’re made to “feel like a criminal” for minor infractions as they battle back from the pandemic shutdown.
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