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NYC Schools Overhaul COVID Policy: What You Need to Know About Testing, Quarantines and More

Big changes come after just one week of school as de Blasio announces new measures designed to keep more kids in class. But entire elementary school classrooms may still have to quarantine if a teacher tests positive.

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Cuomo’s $4 Million MTA Job-Cutting Effort Derailed Weeks After His Departure

The MTA’s "Transformation Management Office" is being downsized out of existence as the transit agency confronts staffing shortfalls that have snagged subway and bus trips.

First Day of In-Person Classes Brings First Test for New York City Schools

The city’s online COVID health screening form crashed. Suspected virus cases hit at least two schools. Attendence was down. But many students, wearing masks, returned for the first all in-person classes in 18 months.

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MTA Yanks $500K COVID Death Benefit From Unvaccinated Transit Workers

The transit agency is set to extend the half-million-dollar lump-sum payment through the end of the year — but only for survivors of vaccinated employees. Just 55% of bus and subway workers have gotten their shots.

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NYC Gets Back to School Monday. Here’s What you Need to Know About Vaccinations, Masks and More

Major questions remain around COVID prevention, academic recovery, mental health services — and the basics of teaching and learning — as all New York City schoolchildren head back to buildings for the first time since March 2020.

COVID Death Toll Among 9/11 First Responders and Survivors Nears Grim Milestone

Almost 100 people enrolled in the World Trade Center Health Program have died from the virus, though advocates believe many others beyond the registry have succumbed. Meanwhile, thousands left vulnerable by 9/11 illnesses have contracted COVID.

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No NYC Subway Riders Got Fined for Defying Mask Mandate in August

Police booted passengers 21 times for refusing to mask up, the lowest level in nearly a year. Meanwhile, the number of riders who complied with warnings jumped — even amid complaints that some cops are going maskless.

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Mayor Serves Up Last-Minute Vaccine Requirement for U.S. Open

The U.S. Tennis Association adopts vaccination requirement after City Hall reversal on tennis tournament safety protocols.

City Data Shows Vaccines are Working, Even as Mandate Backlash Hits City Hall

The first, if limited, numbers released by the city indicate very low infection, hospitalization and death rates for those who got their shots. But that didn’t stop hundreds from protesting vaccination requirements for municipal workers.

New Governor Kathy Hochul to New Yorkers: You Can Trust Me

In her first day in office, the state’s 57th governor moves to rebuild trust damaged by secrecy and sexual harassment under Andrew Cuomo. On her agenda: cleaning up Albany, speeding up rent and worker aid — and vaccine mandates.


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Vaccination Mandate Battle Awaits Kathy Hochul as She Ascends to Governor

Cuomo calls on his successor to do what he didn’t: make all employers require shots for workers. Meanwhile, Mayor de Blasio announced a vaccine mandate for school employees. Now the pressure’s on Hochul, from Day One.

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With Grandmas Fully Vaxxed, Staten Island’s Maria Enoteca Restaurant Returns

The eatery, powered by "nonnas" — or grandmothers — from around the world, has gone organic and added a Japanese element ahead of its grand reopening Friday. The eatery had shut early in the pandemic, due to the ages of its beloved rotating chefs.

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Vaccine Mandate Offers Shot at Boosting Protection, But Businesses Wary

Store and restaurant workers will be on the frontlines dealing with the unvaccinated — and sometimes angry — public as a new city-wide requiring one dose to go inside bars, restaurants, indoor entertainment venues and gyms.

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As Cuomo Orders Vaccinations for MTA, Some Workers Push Back

MTA employees must be vaccinated by Labor Day or agree to weekly COVID tests. But some workers said they’d never get the shots, even after losing more than 160 of their colleagues to the pandemic.

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NYC Schools Pushing Vaccinations as Return of Classes Nears and Delta Spreads

City officials are bolstering efforts to get students vaccinated in time for the Sept. 13 reopening. Students need to get their first shot in the next week if they’re aiming to be fully vaccinated by the first day of school.

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Cuomo’s Call for Private Businesses to Require Vaccinations Spurs Demands for a Government Mandate

The governor urged the private sector to order employees back to workplaces and make everybody — including customers — get shots. But business owners said it’s up to elected officials to lead the way amid rising COVID rates.

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Some NYC Healthcare Workers Face Vaccine Requirements or Weekly Tests. Teachers Could Be Next

After announcing that certain healthcare workers would be required to get vaccinated or submit to weekly coronavirus testing, Mayor Bill de Blasio is now considering the same for other city workers, including teachers, he said Wednesday.

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Uptick in COVID-19 Cases Hits NYC Areas with Low Vaccination Rates

New Yorkers 18 to 44 are lagging in getting the shots. So are residents of some Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island neighborhoods, our analysis shows. Health experts say there’s no reason to panic — but urge all to get vaccinated as the Delta variant spreads.

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COVID Vaccination Tourists Flock From Colombia to New York to Get Their Shot at Safety

Colombians and other South Americans with ties to New York and the ability to scrape up enough money to travel are coming here amid vaccine shortages in their home countries. One man even got to finally meet his father.

School-Based Vaccine Program Kicks Off This Week in Bronx, de Blasio Announces