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More COVID Testing Needed for New York’s Youngest Kids, Parents Plead

Elected officials slammed Mayor de Blasio Tuesday for closing 20 city-run sites before the Omicron surge and called on him to quickly increase testing capacity — especially for youngsters under 4. Meanwhile, the mayoral inauguration ceremony was postponed.

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Long COVID Test Lines and Result Delays Frustrate New Yorkers as Mayor Eyes More Centers

De Blasio pledged on Monday to open 20 new fixed-location testing sites — as many as he shuttered in recent weeks. Meanwhile, throngs endured chilly slogs for tests and grappled with delayed or lost results as Omicron fueled record positive-case rates.

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De Blasio Promises ‘More and More’ COVID Testing Centers After Closing 20

With Omicron propelling record infections and long pre-holiday lines outside testing facilities, the mayor and Mayor-elect Eric Adams scrambled to assure New Yorkers that we’ll get through the "fast and temporary phenomenon" of the variant.

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NYC Children Get Vaccinated at School Amid Both Relief and Frustrating Waits

Kids, ages 5 to 11, started getting their shots, though demand outpaced supply at some schools and lines wrapped around the block at others. Parents got $100 gift cards after their children received the first-come, first-served shots.

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NYC Kids Can Get $100 for COVID Vaccine Shots at Elementary Schools

Following the recent federal emergency approval of the Pfizer vaccine for children ages 5 to 11, city officials are setting up one-day vaccine clinics at more than 1,000 school sites across the city that serve these students.

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De Blasio’s Employee Vaccine Mandate Extends to 125,000 Workers at City-Linked Nonprofits

Social service groups, already struggling with staff shortages and financial woes caused by late city payments, want more time. Ditto for municipal unions, which are mulling legal action. Meanwhile, a $500 vaccine incentive is causing a stir.

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NYC Fails on COVID Testing in Hard-Hit Inwood, Residents Charge

There are no longer any city-run brick-and-mortar testing or vaccination sites above West 181st Street. And the van that serves the area isn’t enough for more than 87,000 residents, local leaders say.

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Rogan Show Spurs Bill for Uniform Vaccination Rules for Home and Away Teams

Legislation introduced by state Sen. Brad Hoylman would bar the double standard that allows out-of-town athletes and performers like the anti-mandate podcast comic to appear without proof of vaccination while local stars must get their shots.

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Home Court Disadvantage: Out-of-Towners Like Joe Rogan Get to Play NYC Vaccination-Free

Performers who live in the city and pro athletes who represent "home teams" are required to get their shots, per a City Hall mandate. But out-of-town entertainers — and their entourages — get a free pass. Rogan, a mandate foe, hits Madison Square Garden Saturday.

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Vaccine Mandate for NYC School Employees Can Move Forward, Judges Rule

A federal appeals court has removed a temporary block on New York City’s vaccine mandate for Department of Education employees, paving the way for officials to require all school staff to either get the vaccine or be put on unpaid leave.


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NYC Teachers and School Staff Get Vaccine Mandate Deadline Delay

A federal judge temporarily blocked an order that could have barred tens of thousands of teachers and other workers from classes this week. But a panel of three jurists is expected to review the case Wednesday.

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NYC Schools Brace for Up to 10,000 Missing Teachers as Vaccine Mandate Takes Effect

As the vaccine mandate for New York City teachers is set to take effect next week, schools are bracing for this Tuesday when thousands of educators might be barred from their classrooms.

NYC Schools Overhaul COVID Policy: What You Need to Know About Testing, Quarantines and More

Big changes come after just one week of school as de Blasio announces new measures designed to keep more kids in class. But entire elementary school classrooms may still have to quarantine if a teacher tests positive.

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Cuomo’s $4 Million MTA Job-Cutting Effort Derailed Weeks After His Departure

The MTA’s "Transformation Management Office" is being downsized out of existence as the transit agency confronts staffing shortfalls that have snagged subway and bus trips.

First Day of In-Person Classes Brings First Test for New York City Schools

The city’s online COVID health screening form crashed. Suspected virus cases hit at least two schools. Attendence was down. But many students, wearing masks, returned for the first all in-person classes in 18 months.

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MTA Yanks $500K COVID Death Benefit From Unvaccinated Transit Workers

The transit agency is set to extend the half-million-dollar lump-sum payment through the end of the year — but only for survivors of vaccinated employees. Just 55% of bus and subway workers have gotten their shots.

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NYC Gets Back to School Monday. Here’s What you Need to Know About Vaccinations, Masks and More

Major questions remain around COVID prevention, academic recovery, mental health services — and the basics of teaching and learning — as all New York City schoolchildren head back to buildings for the first time since March 2020.

COVID Death Toll Among 9/11 First Responders and Survivors Nears Grim Milestone

Almost 100 people enrolled in the World Trade Center Health Program have died from the virus, though advocates believe many others beyond the registry have succumbed. Meanwhile, thousands left vulnerable by 9/11 illnesses have contracted COVID.

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No NYC Subway Riders Got Fined for Defying Mask Mandate in August

Police booted passengers 21 times for refusing to mask up, the lowest level in nearly a year. Meanwhile, the number of riders who complied with warnings jumped — even amid complaints that some cops are going maskless.

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Mayor Serves Up Last-Minute Vaccine Requirement for U.S. Open

The U.S. Tennis Association adopts vaccination requirement after City Hall reversal on tennis tournament safety protocols.