Higher ed and hospital strikes highlighted in CUNY’s annual Labor Day report, which also finds a 16-point drop in NYC government worker union membership.
The switch to a privatized plan would save the city $600 million a year, but retirees say it’s not what was promised to them.
Complaint to state alleges violations of rule limiting ICU nurses to two patients at a time.
Attorneys for underpaid caretakers argue that New York abandoned its legal obligation to workers by closing cases.
New York City’s economic recovery continues to lag the nation’s.
The Adams administration had intended to switch 250,000 retired public-sector workers to a controversial privately run health care plan on Sept. 1.
A group of city lawmakers toured city jails and touted improvements. Almost all got campaign cash from the union representing jail personnel.
Physical and occupational therapists are now on their own in seeking a better bargaining agreement, over their union president’s objections.
Union president Michael Mulgrew is pressing occupational and physical therapists to vote again on a deal they rejected — while some members demand new negotiations with City Hall instead.
The Chelsea Roastery workers who sought to oust their union are represented by a prominent anti-union advocacy group.
The agreement, which is pending ratification by union members, is a key step in averting a potential strike by drivers and warehouse workers that likely would have hobbled the U.S. economy.
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An internal dispute over leadership of the locally founded Amazon Labor Union looms over the effort to reach a first contract with the anti-union corporation.
The Adams administration had moved to switch 250,000 public-sector retirees to a controversial, privately run health care plan on September 1.
City schools’ 120,000 educators and other staff will see raises reaching more than 20% during the five-year contract.
A string of new prosecutions highlight how organized crime is targeting the nonunion builders of tens of millions of dollars in projects.
The Council member has racked up major union endorsements in what is expected to be one of this year’s most competitive races after she backed a controversial development plan.
Swissport employees allege they are exposed to health and safety dangers inside and outside planes.
The pending agreement would pay the public Queens hospital’s residents as much as their Upper East Side private peers.
Medical residents on the picket line in Queens demand that Mount Sinai, which runs the residents’ program, compensate them on par with their Upper East Side peers.
The Reserve Roastery employees’ petition to decertify, which is pending a vote, comes days after workers in Rochester and Buffalo also moved to eject Starbucks Workers United.
Incumbent Julie Won gets snubbed by a key union coalition after she said building workers cut a dubious deal.