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Undocumented Immigrant New Yorkers Shut Out of Federal Hurricane Ida Aid

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has so far doled out $10 million to New Yorkers impacted by the devastating remnants of Hurricane Ida earlier this month. But many undocumented immigrants are being left out of that pool.

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Hochul’s Past Push to Arrest Immigrants Resurfaces as She Readies to Replace Cuomo

The governor-to-be says she’s "evolved" since fighting driver’s licenses for undocumented New Yorkers. Advocates for immigrants say they’ll be watching how she wields her power to judge how much she’s changed.

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How New Yorkers Cut Out of Unemployment and Stimulus Checks Can Tap $2.1B Fund

Some 300,000 undocumented New Yorkers are now eligible for help under the historic Excluded Workers Fund established in the state budget. But there are still some more hurdles to get the cash. Here’s a breakdown.

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State Assembly Poised to Greenlight Licenses for Immigrant Drivers

Gov. Cuomo supports the measure as pressure mounts on holdouts in the newly Democratic Senate with the legislative session nearing its end.

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Yellow Light for Immigrant Driver’s Licenses as State Bill Revs Up

If bills from two Bronx Democrats pass, New York would join a dozen other states that issue licenses to the undocumented.


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