Advocates say the trips are unnecessary in the first place, when other places require only a doctor’s note or at-home evaluation to qualify for the service.
The Taxi Workers Alliance on Monday filed suit to stop the TLC from rolling out an initiative that would allow dormant “green taxi” licenses to be used for a new type of unmetered livery vehicle.
The latest “environmental assessment” fleshes out how the MTA expects the tolling system to reduce traffic below 60th Street and raise billions for system upgrades.
The agency says it’s borrowing “good ideas” from transit systems around the country — but some of them have already gone in a different direction.
The plan to allow revamped ‘Boro Taxis’ to operate without having to adhere to a color scheme — or the ability to pick up street hails — sparked protests from hacks who say supply is outpacing demand.
The city plans to test a new type of for-hire vehicle that will no longer have the signature Granny Smith apple-colored look of the taxis that only operate in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx and Upper Manhattan.
The MTA isn’t going along with Elon Musk’s new price tag for access, leaving some straphangers without the social media information source on their daily commutes.
‘We’re just waiting to see if it’s our turn to be the next to hit somebody,’ said one train operator.
Nine lots from East 119th to 120th streets are required for the construction of a ‘launch box’ for tunnel boring machines, according to the MTA’s latest court filing.
The DSNY is now taking on highway cleanup, adding to its new roles with street vendor enforcement and graffiti cleanup.
Cracked windows and LCD displays are the number two vandalism issue underground after graffiti, but the agency is mum on costs and its data doesn’t seem to reflect what New Yorkers are seeing around them.
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DOT is expanding car-share spots in the northeast Bronx. Locals say the agency has ignored calls to place the spots on private property instead of city streets.
Despite the distant due date, advocates mostly cheered the settlement, part of a long, multipronged push to make the transit agency comply fully with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Born in the ‘80s as a cheaper alternative to city buses and an option for commuters in transit deserts, these classic rides are trying to stay viable.
The verdict in Manhattan federal court comes four years after the NYC Transit Authority first claimed that Express Scripts Inc. wasn’t properly keeping its eye on the till.
As crews complain low pay rates lead to understaffing and service disruptions, Lander’s decision could yield $300K per worker in back pay alone.
Transit watchers generally seem to agree that an increase in the state payroll tax could be the best way to avoid a crash when emergency federal aid runs out in 2025, but there are several other roads that could help avoid that fiscal cliff.
Unreliable elevators continue to plague the system, disability advocates say — and the transit agency’s promise to improve overall access won’t come true for three decades.
Saheed Adebayo Aare has gone from unstable housing and a nightmare commute to feeling that anything is possible in the Big Apple.
If you’re feeling moved to commemorate a neighborhood hero, this guide’s for you.