Unreliable elevators continue to plague the system, disability advocates say — and the transit agency’s promise to improve overall access won’t come true for three decades.
Saheed Adebayo Aare has gone from unstable housing and a nightmare commute to feeling that anything is possible in the Big Apple.
If you’re feeling moved to commemorate a neighborhood hero, this guide’s for you.
While the new EV taxi licenses are in demand and many new charging stations are coming, those who already made the electric switch say powering up now is a headache.
Three years of extended health insurance were included in a benefit package for families of MTA employees who died from COVID — but the insurance is set to end next month.
“I just hope the train is photogenic today, you know?” one young train fanatic said as he waited for the R211’s inaugural voyage through Manhattan.
Freshman Taxi Commissioner David Do says he wants to know what life on the road is like for drivers so he can make more informed decisions for the industry.
MTA crews will get needed access to Amtrak’s tracks crossing the Hell Gate Bridge, but Amtrak passengers potentially face months of service impacts.
The number of incidents of people riding outside the train in 2022 was up nearly fourfold since 2021 and nearly double the 2019 tally.
StrataGen Systems Inc. was tapped to bring high technology solutions to Access-A-Ride scheduling problems, but hit more delays than the blue-and-white vans in rush-hour traffic.
Contract workers who were given just a couple of days notice before losing their jobs in late December are now getting back pay for vacation and sick time, following reporting from THE CITY.
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The DOJ released a report in the fall that knocked Access-A-Ride for untimely drop-offs and excessive travel times. Now, transit officials say customer satisfaction is up.
Passengers will be able to move freely between cars on some trains starting later this year.
Rail travelers from three states may need alternate transportation if the first Metro-North strike in 40 years materializes.
Transit agency officials said the plans to connect Metro-North trains to Penn Station will likely face delays of six to nine months — while pointing fingers at a familiar impediment.
Following a pilot program launched in September, stroller-only zones will now be available on nearly one-fifth of the entire fleet, equal to over 1,000 buses.
Three elevators at the Clark Street subway station in Brooklyn have combined for at least 35 non-scheduled service outages and 11 sets of trapped passengers since a nearly $30 million replacement project was completed in May.
Transit officials described the move as a “real sea change” for New York cyclists that will install bicycle racks at 37 locations, placing racks on the front of some buses and more.
Speaking before state lawmakers, the governor committed to coming up with a “comprehensive set of solutions” to the significant hurdles facing the MTA. Transportation watchdog and advocacy groups want to see specifics.
An inquiry that followed the killing of No. 2 train operator Garrett Goble led to the discovery that the transit agency has not provided annual “escape hood” training to thousands of subway workers.
Deadly fires at apartment buildings are leading property managers to confront their apparent cause: e-bike batteries.