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How Does Congestion Pricing Work? What to Know About the Toll System Taking Manhattan

The idea’s been kicked around by politicians and transit advocates for years but never tried in the U.S. Here’s a guide on what it all means, whom it will affect — and when we may actually see it in New York.

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Many of Cuomo’s Big Transit Projects Remain Divisive, Incomplete

The governor portrayed himself as the second coming of master builder Robert Moses and ruled the MTA with an iron fist. As he’s set to depart office with a host of transportation projects in flux, transit advocates say some should be scrapped.

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Sorry, Mayor de Blasio: New Yorkers are Buying Wheels This Summer

The mayor says, "Cars are the past." But new vehicle registrations were up in July compared to previous years, following a pandemic-driven spring shutdown.

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NYC Congestion Pricing Plan Needs Open Doors, Watchdogs Say

New York State’s Committee on Open Government is urging the MTA to make congestion pricing process more transparent.

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New Dawn for Speed Cams Signals Turn Toward School and Street Safety

Until Thursday, a restrictive state law left miles of dangerous East Tremont Avenue off limits to cameras designed to deter dangerous drivers.

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Crosswalks Return to Busy Bronx Strip, Breaking Legal Standstill

The Department of Transportation restored pedestrian stripes it had paved over in preparation for now-stalled reconfiguration of Morris Park Avenue.

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Missing Crosswalks on Busy Bronx Avenue Spur Safety Concerns

A legal dispute over Department of Transportation plan to reconfigure Morris Park Avenue has left the busy road more dangerous than before, local say.

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Brooklyn Pedestrians Say Broken Traffic Signal Has Been Ignored for Months

Since February, a cone has stood where a pedestrian signal once did. The intersection is just blocks from where Mayor de Blasio launched Vision Zero.


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