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City to Make It Easier for Siblings to Attend Same Middle School

The Department of Education policy affects roughly 9,000 out of about 80,000 fifth graders who have siblings in the same grade or sixth grade.

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NYC Schools Brace for Up to 10,000 Missing Teachers as Vaccine Mandate Takes Effect

As the vaccine mandate for New York City teachers is set to take effect next week, schools are bracing for this Tuesday when thousands of educators might be barred from their classrooms.

How Can You Social Distance at Overcrowded NYC Schools? A Two-Tiered System Feared

With the start of classes just a month away and the COVID-19 Delta variant spreading, it’s still unclear whether — or how — many schools will adhere to the three-foot guideline. "We are very, very scared," one Brooklyn parent said.

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Some NYC Healthcare Workers Face Vaccine Requirements or Weekly Tests. Teachers Could Be Next

After announcing that certain healthcare workers would be required to get vaccinated or submit to weekly coronavirus testing, Mayor Bill de Blasio is now considering the same for other city workers, including teachers, he said Wednesday.

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When It Comes to Special Education, What’s Working and What Isn’t? Let’s Talk About it at the Next Open Newsroom

THE CITY and Chalkbeat New York are bringing together parents, teachers, advocates and experts to discuss finding solutions to help vulnerable New York City public school students facing a lack of legally mandated services amid the pandemic.

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Stuck on Mute: Kids in Juvenile Lockups Can’t Be Seen or Heard by Teachers During Remote Learning

The end of in-person schooling is being felt even worse by children in city detention centers due to strict online instruction rules. Advocates say the students risk being left further behind.

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Parents From Long-Shuttered Public Schools Warn: Get Ready for Stress and Tears

Thousands of kids enrolled in southern Brooklyn have already been living with school shutdowns for more than a month, as students citywide now join them in all-remote learning.

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Most NYC Students Are Learning Online, But The City’s Virtual Teaching Strategy Remains Elusive

On a given school day, up to 800,000 students are expected to sign in for remote learning from home — but New York City has yet to put forward a detailed strategy to help schools improve online instruction.

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NYC Public Schools Have Lost 31,000 Students This Fall, Preliminary Data Show

Public school enrollment is falling at schools across New York City, according to data obtained by Chalkbeat. School rosters have already lost about 3.4% of students compared with last year.


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Seeking Safer Classrooms, NYC Teachers Are Crowdfunding for Air Purifiers

DOE officials say they’ve purchased 30,000 HEPA purifiers. But that’s not enough, so hundreds of school staffers are filling in the gaps on their own.

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Unions Wary as de Blasio Backs Push for Early-Retirement Packages

The city has agreed to support an incentive bill in Albany that could apply to up to 75,000 municipal workers. But union leaders worry there could be problematic exceptions.

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Looming CUNY Budget Cuts Have Faculty and Students Fearing for the Future

Union calls for campus leaders to consider taking pay cuts as part-time profs and students fight for funding to save jobs and classes.

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What You Should Know About NYC’s Plan to Shutter Schools

The country’s largest school system announced it would be closing its doors this week to help stem the spread of the deadly new coronavirus.

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City Officials Scramble on Coronavirus Testing for Teachers

Teachers union boss faults Health Dept. "holdup" as de Blasio mandates coronavirus testing for teachers and other key workers who visited hot zones.

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Kids Spent Days in Class With City Teacher Now Showing Coronavirus Signs

Symptoms followed the teacher’s vacation in Italy, THE CITY has learned. Meanwhile, the union reports four more members sick after traveling abroad.

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Last Teacher Standing Is Going It Alone in Federal Racism Suit Against DOE

Lisa-Erika James is the only remaining faculty member in a years-old racial discrimination lawsuit against the city that goes to trial Wednesday.

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Background Check Backlog Leaves Students Without After-Care, Special Ed. Teachers

A massive backlog of background check requests to New York City’s Department of Health means many teachers are sitting and waiting to work.

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Queens Parents Bristle at School District’s Path to Diversity Plan

A contentious meeting in Jamaica highlights broad community opposition to education officials’ citywide effort to better integrate middle schools.