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Taxi & Limousine Commission

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Taxi Medallion Crisis Drives Council Candidates on Road Toward a Rescue

Some seeking office have been shaped by family suffering in the yellow-cab medallion financial collapse — or their own experiences driving cabs. They say only a bold bailout will avoid calamity.

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Uber Tries to Drive Back Legal Rights on Brooklyn Woman Who Sued After Accident

Emily Wu filed suit in November after being struck in a July accident she blamed on a dangerous driver. In January, a casual click of Uber’s terms of service deleted Wu’s right to sue, the ride-share company contends.

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Cap Uber and Lyft Drivers’ Lease Costs, Queens Lawmaker Says

City Councilmember Francisco Moya’s bill aims to relieve app-hail and other for-hire vehicle operators of a cascading financial burden.

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Taxi Driver Drug Test Failures Soar Amid Growing Stress

A spike in cab license revocations for marijuana, cocaine and other substances coincides with crushing financial pressures.


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