On Friday morning, historic rains doused New York City and crippled the subway system. That afternoon, a little-noticed 39-page audit called on transit officials to do better.
More than a year after the subway shooting, a dozen train conductors and operators said a lack of protocols and training leaves MTA employees — and subway riders — in danger.
Service on the W line was left in pieces as 45 trains were vandalized in a roughly 29-hour period, officials said.
The mayor and MTA officials say social media companies are now on board with taking down daredevil posts as soon as they go up — in an effort to discourage copycat kids.
The break highlights the city’s challenge in replacing hundreds of miles of aging pipes.
A Monday morning OMNY glitch temporarily increased bus and subway rides to $2.90. Riders are promised refunds.
The MTA is testing a technology, already in place in other transit systems, that’s been shown to deter suicide attempts.
Mothers with small children — and some tykes by themselves — have become common in the subway system.
Penny’s arraignment came 12 days after he killed Neely in a crowded subway car in Lower Manhattan.
The latest “environmental assessment” fleshes out how the MTA expects the tolling system to reduce traffic below 60th Street and raise billions for system upgrades.
The agency says it’s borrowing “good ideas” from transit systems around the country — but some of them have already gone in a different direction.
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A week after Neely was killed in a subway car, Daniel Penny, the man who was recorded putting him in a fatal chokehold, had not been charged.
The subway rider was strangled by a fellow straphanger while seemingly in the throes of a mental health crisis. Police and prosecutors have released little information.
The MTA isn’t going along with Elon Musk’s new price tag for access, leaving some straphangers without the social media information source on their daily commutes.
‘We’re just waiting to see if it’s our turn to be the next to hit somebody,’ said one train operator.
Cracked windows and LCD displays are the number two vandalism issue underground after graffiti, but the agency is mum on costs and its data doesn’t seem to reflect what New Yorkers are seeing around them.
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Transit watchers generally seem to agree that an increase in the state payroll tax could be the best way to avoid a crash when emergency federal aid runs out in 2025, but there are several other roads that could help avoid that fiscal cliff.
“I just hope the train is photogenic today, you know?” one young train fanatic said as he waited for the R211’s inaugural voyage through Manhattan.
The number of incidents of people riding outside the train in 2022 was up nearly fourfold since 2021 and nearly double the 2019 tally.
Contract workers who were given just a couple of days notice before losing their jobs in late December are now getting back pay for vacation and sick time, following reporting from THE CITY.