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Stop and Frisk

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Misconduct Complaints Trailed NYPD Commissioner Shea and Other Police Brass’ Rise to the Top

The NYPD leader and four deputies accumulated at least one allegation substantiated by the Civilian Complaint Review Board — and so did his predecessor, James O’Neill. Some of incidents recall the height of stop-and-frisk.

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De Blasio’s Neighborhood Policing Effort ‘More Symbolism than Reform,’ Study Suggests

The first publicly released examination of the mayor’s signature NYPD strategy finds the approach has done little to reduce crime or racial bias, though low-level arrests are down.

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How the NYPD Hired White-Owned Firms to Help Repair Relationships With Blacks and Latinos

Only 4% of the $321 million the Police Department has spent on consultants since 2010 has gone to minority and women-owned business enterprises, records show.

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Judge Who Ended Stop-and-Frisk Slams Bloomberg on Past Attempt to ‘Scare Me’

Shira Scheindlin called 2013 taxpayer-funded dossier an "inappropriate" move meant to "instill fear" — and disputed his Democratic debate comments.

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Mike Bloomberg’s NYC Jails Record: Drop in Inmates, Rise in Force

The Democratic presidential hopeful vowed this week to "end the era of mass incarceration." THE CITY examined how he handled jails as mayor.


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