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Steven Banks

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Steve Banks Had Big Goals for Shelters, and Hit the Mark on Some. Should He Stay?

The city has now left all its notorious "cluster" shelter sites. Family homelessness is down. Eric Adams has hinted he likes the Department of Social Services commissioner. Is Banks ready for round two?

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City ‘Failing’ to Protect Homeless in Shelters and Hotels During Pandemic, Lawsuit Demanding Solo Rooms Alleges

A case filed by Legal Aid late Thursday seeks to mandate single-occupancy hotel rooms for single adult homeless New Yorkers for the duration of the crisis.

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Homeless People Sheltering From the Street Secure City Pledge to Fund Hotel Stays

Excluded from government programs providing free rooms for those seeking safety in the pandemic, homeless New Yorkers launched a campaign to have their stays paid for by the public.

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De Blasio Vows to Break Up NYC Homeless Shelter Crowds

The mayor reacted after photos THE CITY obtained showed social distancing nightmares at two facilities — scenes one official called "heartbreaking."

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Homeless Sent from Subways to Social Distancing Nightmares

Pictures show a human sprawl along the stairs at Manhattan’s 30th Street Men’s Shelter. A similar scene was captured at a Wards Island facility.

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A Long Line of Red Flags Trailed Embattled Homeless Operator

The city filed a court complaint Wednesday against Childrens Community Services, alleging massive fraud. But warning signs emerged in 2015.

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Veterans Vulnerable as Trump Threatens Food Aid for 70,000 New Yorkers

New Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program work requirements also could end exemptions for The Bronx, Upper Manhattan and southeast Queens.

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Shelter Settlement Spawns New Policies to Support Transgender Homeless

A Commission on Human Rights complaint prompted the Department of Homeless Services to rethink how it deals with transgender people.

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Halfway Into Homeless Revamp, Work Lags as Hotel Use Grows

While conversions to permanent housing have helped shrink the number of homeless families, transition to promised 90 new shelters proves slow going.


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