Staten Island Ferry

In a victory for the system’s marine engineers, a judge finds these Staten Island Ferry workers are entitled to wages on par with the private sector.
A resolution to the 12-year stalemate that has left workers without raises since 2010 could be in sight.
THE CITY obtained a copy of a labor agreement that would give crews a long-due raise — but City Hall has not signed, despite months of urgings from Staten Island officials that preceded service disruptions.
Ferry crew members have worked under an expired union contract for an “unprecedented” 11 years and say that low pay and morale have left them without enough staff to keep the lifeline between Manhattan and Staten Island afloat.
The former presidential hopeful stepped in between the victim and a pole-wielding man, and calmed down the assailant. Before cops grabbed the attacker, he told Yang that he supports his candidacy.
The New York Wheel is stuck. Empire Outlets is half empty and key projects are delayed. Meanwhile, the S.I. Yankees could be out — and rugby could be in.
Workers call on the retail giant to provide shuttle transportation so they can socially distance. They’re also seeking more service from the MTA.
“Safety issues” over big and small boats sharing space will lead to a move to the far side of Empire Outlets. Meanwhile, Sunset Park gets a new dock.
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After THE CITY revealed the high cost of EDC’s decision to buy boats for a new system, Scott Stringer called for a Transportation Dept. takeover.
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