State Senate

Four years after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stunned Joe Crowley, an AOC-pick is running against cousin Elizabeth Crowley in another primary contest pitting a socialist against a moderate.
Nomiki Konst says she’s running after being approached by “many people in the community,” but so far she’s raised nearly as much from donors in California as she has from those in New York.
The State Senate and Assembly were able to combine for action on cryptocurrency, thermal energy and electronics repair.
New York is one of the few states that categorize pets as objects not worth more than a few hundred dollars. Advocates say treating them as sentient beings would enhance the ability to seek compensatory damages if they are mistreated.
When Albany’s “independent” commission failed to come up with legislative maps everyone could agree on earlier this year, Democrats controlling the Capitol took matters into their own hands. Republicans cried foul and two courts have partially agreed with them.
Sen. Brad Hoylman wants New York to pursue a waiver to allow federal funding for long-term residential treatment, which could include innovative alternatives to incarceration.
From transit linking Brooklyn and Queens to incentives to keep health care workers on the job to green-building overhauls, speech highlights roads to recovery.
The new 10-member commission was meant to wrestle control of the election map-making process from party control, but they failed again to reach a consensus.
Legislation introduced by state Sen. Brad Hoylman would bar the double standard that allows out-of-town athletes and performers like the anti-mandate podcast comic to appear without proof of vaccination while local stars must get their shots.
Jose Mejia Martinez succumbed after an arrest for stealing beer triggered a parole violation. It marked the third such death at Rikers Island since April. The bill passed Thursday would help parolees avoid returning to jail.
The deal Gov. Cuomo and lawmakers made to legalize recreational use of pot includes provisions to help minority- and women-owned businesses. But similar social equity provisions in other states haven’t worked out as planned.
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A statewide coalition of 60 juvenile justice organizations, public defenders, churches, elected officials and youth groups are holding a “digital rally” Thursday to launch the “Right2RemainSilent” campaign.
“Opportunity Zone” benefits will come to investors in a controversial Crown Heights real estate project whether or not affordable housing remains in the picture. A bill would end New York’s part of the program.
Ending evictions, eliminating months of owed rent, legalizing marijuana and taxing the rich become more feasible now that the threat of a Cuomo veto is less daunting.
Despite strong GOP showings, Democrats are poised to hold on to power in both houses in the state Legislature — without the total control over drawing district lines that once would have come with the territory.
Problems crop up every major election year, along with calls for reform. But who can change the notorious BOE? Albany, advocates say — with pressure from outraged voters.
The proposal would let lenders skirt New York’s 25% rate limit as the pandemic-driven economic crisis leaves many desperate for cash — and susceptible to “deceptively marketed loans,” critics say.
Flood risk disclosure laws in New York are particularly weak, advocates say. For $500, sellers can waive a property’s transparency record — and many do.
Business interruption insurance doesn’t count during a pandemic, the industry argues. Shopkeepers and others say they just want what they believe they paid for.
Challengers hope to use the Staten Island and Brooklyn incumbent’s Republican coziness against her. But two years later, do voters still care?
Southern Brooklyn State Sen. Andrew Gounardes faces at least one Republican betting that voters want a return to the tough-on-crime Marty Golden era.