State Legislature

New school holidays and criminal record seals are in. But many proposals related to tenant protections, developer tax breaks and speed limits have gone nowhere.
Despite publicly claiming to support a measure that would require child protective services agents to read people their rights, the city’s Administration for Children’s Services has privately proposed gutting the bill.
Since 2014, thousands of New Yorkers have filed deed theft complaints, but many are hard to prosecute. Now that could change.
New York teens who work on student newspapers note that under current law, their freedom of speech can be curtailed by school administrators at any time for any reason.
Gov. Kathy Hochul’s plan to lift a state land use rule is meeting opposition from some Manhattan and Brooklyn legislators.
From helping judges set bail to spurring housing development, big plans from Hochul are encountering fierce resistance from state lawmakers.
Assembly and Senate budget bills both challenge foundations of proposals by the governor and mayor to build hundreds of thousands of new homes.
Proponents of a state bill already killed three times are still trying to pass measures to shield drivers from surprise fees and collection agency harassment.
State legislature housing committee chairs Linda Rosenthal and Brian Kavanagh announce they’re ready to embrace the governor’s pro-growth agenda.
Finally armed with a roadmap for how to achieve the environmental mandates outlined by a sweeping new state law, it’s now up to legislators to advance those policies.
A broad coalition of groups plan to rally Dec. 15 for a proposed bill that would prevent cops from interrogating minors without counsel or taking them to a precinct without consulting parents first.
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The Adams administration opposes the proposal, but Hochul says she has just to work out ‘a few more details’ with the mayor.
The Senate’s $433 billion Inflation Reduction Act marks the most significant federal action on climate change yet. What does it mean locally?
Legislation that got through the State Senate and Assembly in early May would make it harder for polluting facilities to move into poor and minority neighborhoods that have traditionally been dumping grounds.
A similar law was recently struck down in California — and even if Gov. Kathy Hochul’s proposal passes and survives court challenges, other gun loopholes abound.
The Democrat controlled Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment released new district lines for the House of Representatives seats in New York late Sunday and they are predictably partisan.
The new 10-member commission was meant to wrestle control of the election map-making process from party control, but they failed again to reach a consensus.
Mayor-elect Eric Adams has vowed to give a public school day off for the festival of lights, and Rep. Carolyn Maloney is proposing a national holiday. But this year, Diwali falls on a parents-teacher conference day for hundreds of thousands of students.
State lawmakers voted earlier this month to amend New York’s eviction moratorium to fit the U.S. Supreme Court’s requirements and extend it until the new year. But anyone seeking protection needs to take action. Here’s how...
A bipartisan commission charged with reforming political mapmaking fails its first test as New York Democrats and Republicans deliver dueling congressional and state legislative maps. The gridlock came as House midterm elections loomed.