State Government

While the city and state are taking some steps to mitigate future flooding, victims, experts and government officials themselves say more needs to be done.
The former lieutenant governor on Wednesday will ask a federal judge to dismiss charges arising from a campaign matching-funds scheme first exposed by THE CITY.
Kathy Hochul is hoping to win a full term, but other Democrats are lining up for a primary challenge. And Republicans have been campaigning and raising cash for months before she took over from Andrew Cuomo.
A vicious attack left Meghan Van Alystyne with extensive injuries and brain trauma. She gave up on navigating the Office of Victim Services’ bureaucracy — and she’s not alone.
The city’s elected officials in Albany want to establish a regulatory framework that would prevent detained immigrants from having to pay exorbitant fees, including upwards of $400 a month for the privilege of wearing an ankle monitor.
Proposed state-backed banks could help poor New Yorkers get accounts and loans. A lot of Democrats are on board, so why isn’t Andrea Stewart-Cousins convinced yet?
From a prized real estate industry tax break to looser rules that would ease her indicted ex-lieutenant off the ballot, legislators express little urgency to aid the governor as she seeks accomplishments before the election.
Booze-to-go cups, a gas tax holiday that could hit the MTA, and bail reform highlight Albany’s “conceptual agreement” — for now.
Lawmakers leave Albany until Monday, leaving Gov. Kathy Hochul without a state spending plan at the start of a new fiscal year.
The state wants applicants for the first 100 cannabis dispensary licenses to have owned profitable businesses and have pot charges in their pasts. Experts say that’s a tall order.
New York cut nearly a third of state-run psychiatric hospital beds for children, pledging to reinvest the funds in outpatient measures. There’s no evidence it worked.
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Gov. Kathy Hochul seeks to spend an additional $10 billion to help pull New York out of its COVID crisis — sums topped by the legislative leaders she’s negotiating a final deal with. Business leaders warn New York can’t afford extensive new commitments.
Budget watchdog warns letting the 421-a program lapse will doom needed new housing development, while city comptroller urges cancellation along with a property tax overhaul.
A number of agencies, boards and committees look out for corruption and malfeasance in municipal life but their investigation and enforcement powers vary.
Projecting billions in boosted tax revenue and cashing in federal aid, state budget plan socks away funds for a future rainy day while helping New York dig out from COVID calamity.
With a law allowing Zoom sessions expiring even as omicron spreads, Gov. Kathy Hochul has a bill on her desk that would virtual sessions for as long as pandemic emergency lasts.
From transit linking Brooklyn and Queens to incentives to keep health care workers on the job to green-building overhauls, speech highlights roads to recovery.
Joining a wave of left-wing upstarts shaking up Albany politics, Jonathan Soto, a district staff community organizer for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is challenging longtime Democratic assembly member Michael Benedetto.
The governor could strengthen the weak watchdog commission — or even replace it, as proposed by Manhattan Sen. Liz Krueger, who says stay tuned for a Hochul announcement. The Cuomo probe, meanwhile, offers a blueprint for reform.
There’s no point of running a “hopeless race,” political experts say. So the five Democrats who would have been competing against the incumbent have said their good-byes since she bowed out of the contest for governor.