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State Department of Education

NYC Special Education Complaint Backlog Grows — Even as Some Hearing Officers Twiddle Thumbs

State officials demand action as 9,400 cases remain unresolved while 30% of available hearing officers have no cases. Meanwhile, New York City children with disabilities go without crucial services amid the pandemic.

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What’s Working And What Isn’t? Help Us Report On Special Education Solutions in New York City

THE CITY and Chalkbeat are teaming up to report on what’s working and what’s not in the world of special education — and we want to hear from you.

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New York State Changes Course on Plan to Address Backlog of Special Education Cases

Officials rescinded a proposal to allow non-lawyers to oversee special education complaints in New York City.

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A Call to End Special Education Hearing Delays Amid ‘Harm’ to Students

Education advocates demand "immediate action" on overhauling a complaint system that flouts legal deadlines, making students wait for needed services.

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Lawmakers Eye Changing School Funding Formula Amid High Stakes for City

State dollars make up about a third of city schools’ $34 billion budget. But critics say the city is being shortchanged amid growing student needs.

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Pre-K Head Start Teachers Make Deal For Gap-Closing Raises

The tentative pact marks the second recent labor agreement aiming to bring the teachers’ pay in line with their peers who work in public schools.

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Only Nine Hearing Officers for 9,695 Special Education Cases

The more than 1-to-1,000 ratio highlights what parents and advocates say is a broken complaint system that delays services to special-needs kids.

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Parents Sacrifice Savings and Careers in Fight for Special Education Services

A slow, bureaucratic system for resolving complaints over a lack of special education services frustrates many, hitting low-income families hardest.

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City Building in Queens is a Notorious Trash Heap. Just Ask the Rats

Garbage grows as patience shrinks in Long Island City, where residents share the sidewalk with rodents. Complaints, meanwhile, go largely unanswered.

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Surge of Complaints by Parents of Special Education Students Sparks ‘Crisis’

A 51% hike in grievance filings has contributed to delays in getting some kids key services, a state-commissioned report obtained by THE CITY found.


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Visa-Dependent Students Stranded by Closure of English-Language School

Midtown’s American Language Communications Center cancelled classes with no warning, putting hundreds at risk of losing their student visas.