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Standardized Testing

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NY Cancels Most Regents Exams in Response to Biden Administration Refusal to Scrap 2021 Standardized Tests

The news is a victory for parents, students and advocates who have been pushing to cancel the exams and unlink them from graduation requirements. Only Regents exams in Algebra I, English, living environment, and earth science will be administered this June.

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Earth Day Shouldn’t be Math Test Day, NYC Students Say

More than two dozen lawmakers are asking the state education department to reschedule the exam so kids can join Earth Day 50th anniversary rallies.

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Schools Where Students Opted Out of Exams Hit with New Tests

Kids in Brooklyn and East Harlem face six additional standardized tests this year. Parents weigh their options as they fume over "a slap in the face."

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Schools Chancellor Carranza’s Testing Plan Raises Concerns

The New York City Department of Education proposal to subject students to "formative assessments" draws questions from union officials and others.


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