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Vaunted $67M Flushing Pool to Finally Reopen for a Quick Dip — Then Close Again

The Olympic-sized Queens public aquatic center that’s been closed since before the pandemic due to a crumbling roof is set to reopen next early year with protective netting. But swimmers will be ordered out again once redesign plans for the ceiling are finished.

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Armory Pool and Gym Prices Give Crown Heights Neighbors Sticker Shock

Parents and other neighbors express confusion over separate gym and pool memberships that exceed costs at other Brooklyn facilities — save for a limited number of long-promised hyperlocal discounts that may never grow beyond 250.

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Settlement to Give Black and Latino Students More Access to NYC High School Sports Teams

The education department will group certain nearby high schools so they can share access to sports teams.

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Bronx Soccer Stadium Local Support Wanes as Yankees-City Hall Standoff Goes Into Extra Time

Survey by a local business group highlights concerns over who would really win if a billion-dollar real estate deal for New York City FC home reaches its goal. But residents wouldn’t mind getting discounted stock in a new ballpark.

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Trump Vows to Stay Put After de Blasio’s Bronx Golf Course Eviction Deadline

Attorney for ex-president tells judge Trump’s firm has a right to keep running the Ferry Point Park golf course past Nov. 14 — even if it loses its suit against the city for canceling its contract following the Jan. 6 insurrection.

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Trump Claims Bronx Golf Course Business Boomed After Jan. 6 Insurrection

Mayor de Blasio wants to end the ex-president’s operation of the public course, invoking his role in inciting the U.S. Capitol attack. Trump’s lawyers say the links in the shadow of the Whitestone Bridge have pulled in a record $8 million so far this year.

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Brooklyn Armory Rec Center Deal Documents Debunk Claims on Affordable Memberships

Councilmember Laurie Cumbo blasts out a defense of the 2017 pact she brokered for a city-backed Crown Heights real estate project after THE CITY found just 250 locals will benefit from long-promised discounts.

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De Blasio Slams Bronx Golf Deal He Cheered to Bump Trump, After Homeless Operator Exposé

THE CITY asked why a homeless shelter operator was set to take over Ferry Point Park links and other news outlets revealed self-dealing and sanctions. Now the mayor says he’s baffled why his Parks Department didn’t spot the red flags.

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Home Court Disadvantage: Out-of-Towners Like Joe Rogan Get to Play NYC Vaccination-Free

Performers who live in the city and pro athletes who represent "home teams" are required to get their shots, per a City Hall mandate. But out-of-town entertainers — and their entourages — get a free pass. Rogan, a mandate foe, hits Madison Square Garden Saturday.

Homeless Shelter Operator Quits Bid to Dump Trump at Bronx Golf Course

CORE Services Group says it will have no part in de Blasio’s deal to find a new operator for Ferry Point links, after THE CITY exposed the outfit’s unlikely role. City Hall says an Atlanta firm is taking over — but Trump’s lawyers say they’ll regret it.


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De Blasio Tees Off Trump at Bronx Golf Course: Homeless Shelter Operator Set to Evict the Ex-President

De Blasio names a firm tied to CORE Services Group and Bobby Jones Links to run deluxe Ferry Point golf grounds. Trump lawyers say the mayor’s "political retaliation" is a losing game and that the ex-president is in for the long haul.

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Crown Heights Armory Pool Offers Kids’ Swimming Lessons — for $50 a Half Hour

The Brooklyn neighborhood was promised affordable recreation as part of the deal to transform the former armory. Residents are still waiting for details on possible class discounts as the Major Owens Community Center readies to open.

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U.S. Open Begins Following World Tennis Events Marked by Suspected Match-Fixing

Both Wimbledon and the French Open were dogged by suspicious betting patterns now under investigation in Europe. Here’s how New York City’s own Grand Slam tournament is working to keep the games clean.