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SoHo’s Big Test: Can Lower Rents Lure Back Stores and Tourists?

As the city’s economic reopening accelerates, the future of retail in Manhattan — especially in key business and tourist areas — remains unclear. Some clues of what’s to come might be found in a shop that specializes in slime.

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De Blasio Bets Legacy on SoHo and Gowanus Overhauls as He Mounts Last Land Stand

City Hall says rezoning the Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods would bring crucial affordable housing, while opponents warn of overcrowding. The projects headline the mayor’s final-year pandemic push to change the face of the city.

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SoHo Bears Signs of Unrest After Night of Looting

Smashed windows and demands for justice in the death of George Floyd dotted the shopping mecca.

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Mayor’s Affordable Housing Program Struggles to Integrate New Yorkers by Income

Our analysis shows most new affordable housing is concentrated in poorest neighborhoods. Meanwhile, middle-income apartments go to wealthier areas.

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In Ritzy SoHo, a Crusade to Open the Door to Affordable Housing

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s 300,000-unit program has yet to yield a single new low-cost apartment in Manhattan’s wealthiest neighborhood.


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