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Shaun Donovan

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How Garcia, Wiley and Morales Gave Their Male Mayoral Rivals a Run for Their Money

Eric Adams and his fellow male candidates out-fundraised the women by a six-to-one margin, and did even better with super PAC support. But Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley relied on the public campaign system to come closest to making history.

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NYC Mayoral Primary Arrives Tuesday — Here’s What You Need to Know

Voters are set to hit the polls and use the new ranked choice voting system to pick who’s going to lead the post-pandemic city. But it could be weeks before New Yorkers know who won the mayoral race and contests from comptroller to City Council.

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Small Donors Shine in Record-Breaking NYC Mayoral Election Year

Contributions of less than $100 have tripled since the last time the top City Hall job opened up, THE CITY’s analysis shows. Here are the candidates benefiting most from the surge in modest donations.

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Who’s the NYC Business Community’s Choice for Mayor?

With the June 22 primary approaching, there’s no clear favorite, reflecting much of the city. But interviews with more than a dozen business leaders show they generally agree on who they don’t want to see in City Hall.

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First Mayoral Debate Takeaways: Yang and Adams Targeted Amid Some ‘Nasty’ Moments

The two poll frontrunners garnered the most attention as Yang took knocks on his failure to vote in past elections and former cop Adams defended his tough-on-crime stance. And nobody was praising Bill de Blasio...

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Mayoral Candidates Take Tricky School Reopening Test. Is Anyone Passing?

Andrew Yang seeks to gain support by siding with families demanding a full return to school buildings, but hasn’t cemented a plan. Many rivals — and union leaders — say remote learning will still be necessary for some.

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Watch the First New York City Mayoral Debate Thursday Night Here

THE CITY is co-hosting the candidate face-off with NY1 and WNYC/Gothamist. Adams, Donovan, Garcia, McGuire, Morales, Stringer, Wiley and Yang are set to appear in the potential make-or-break event, which starts at 7 p.m.

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Donovan’s Dad Discussed Mayoral Campaign Contribution Targets and Aided Super PAC, Records Show

Shaun Donovan’s campaign and the political committee his father gave $3 million to say they haven’t coordinated efforts. THE CITY’s examination after a complaint filed by mayoral rival Scott Stringer presents a far more complex picture.

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Shaun Donovan Gets Boosts From Public Funding — and a Rockefeller

Campaign Finance Board approves nearly $1.5 million in matching funds for the mayoral hopeful days after his dad poured another $1 million into a PAC supporting his run. Among PAC and campaign backers: David Rockefeller’s son.

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NYC Mayoral Candidate Shaun Donovan Faces Public Funding Review Over Dad-Backed PAC 

The city Campaign Finance Board will delay doling out dollars to the Democrat until it examines ties between his campaign and the political fund. Meanwhile, Donovan and Andrew Yang landed at the bottom of the ballot.


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Can the Mayoral Candidates Bring a Sea Change to NYC’s Climate Resilience Fight?

The next mayor will inherit the city with the pandemic rebound and the battle to protect New York from the next Superstorm Sandy inextricably tied. Here are some of the City Hall hopefuls’ ideas to safeguard the city.

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Can Mayoral Hopeful Shaun Donovan Save New York City’s Crumbling Public Housing?

The ex-city and federal housing boss created a controversial privatization program now used in NYC. NYCHA’s lead-poisoning scandal festered while he was in Washington. Now Donovan says he can rescue residents.