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New Gambit in NYC Self-Storage Wars: Some Owners Willing to Cut Struggling Customers Free as Demand Booms

More pandemic-slammed New Yorkers facing auctions of belongings in self-storage units are getting a new choice: make a deal or just get out. Here’s what you can do if you need help.

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Lawmakers Bid to Halt Auctions of Self-Storage Customers’ Possessions During Pandemic

Two state legislators proposed a moratorium, in the wake of THE CITY’s report on hundreds of planned sell-offs. Meanwhile, a City Council member seeks to force the unregulated industry to limit fees.

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There’s No Eviction Moratorium on NYC Storage Units. Now the Contents of Hundreds are Being Auctioned Off

You can’t be booted from your home yet during the pandemic. But you can still lose all your things in the unregulated, lucrative self-storage industry.

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A Life in Limbo for Homeless Families at Mercy of City’s Moving Whims

Harmonia Hotel resident Mike Bonano has used a rented U-Haul to help neighbors cope with Mayor de Blasio’s whiplash decisions on shelters. Bonano and his wife have been forced to move three times in as many years.

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New Yorkers Shared News Tips With Us. Here’s How We Responded

Listening to our readers is a big part of what THE CITY does. Here are some stories that came through the tip line in 2019.

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City Pays Storage Fees for Homeless, But One Bronx Family Still Lost Items

The city shells out $17.5 million annually to self-storage companies. But some clients report big problems with the little-regulated industry.

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Fire-Ravaged Bronx Storage Center Leaves Renters in the Dark

People with storage units at the now-abandoned Tuck-it-Away on Walton Avenue have been waiting for two years to learn what happened to their stuff.

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Victims of the Storage Wars: Losing All to Auctions

The self-storage industry offers hopes of saving cherished belongings in a space-starved city. But when fees rack up, customers can lose everything.

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Unclaimed Self-Storage Funds Give Glimpse Into New Yorkers’ Disrupted Lives

More than $1 million sits unclaimed from auctioned storage units. Have you lost stuff? Let us know — we want your storage stories.


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