Banks said that the shelter-in-place approach was “ill-fitting to last week’s circumstances” when the city was deluged by rain.
The complex and controversial process can be daunting, here’s some information that can help.
Five things to watch out for as classes begin for the city’s more than 900,000 public school students.
PS 398, named after the late labor leader Hector Figueroa, is roiled by a battle between its staff and principal.
Letters obtained by THE CITY via lawsuit show the Department of Education concluded as early as 2018 that some religious schools stinted on secular education but didn’t intervene. Those four schools still fail to meet the bar, the city recently determined.
Detailed reports show significant deficiencies at four schools, including no English instruction at all. The Department of Education is fighting to keep similar findings sought in a lawsuit by THE CITY under wraps.
Advocates for testing-based school admissions secured a say in district-level school governance.
Teachers and parents raised concerns about the DESSA, a social-emotional learning tool that schools began using last year.
New York City’s free, popular summer program runs for children in grades K-8 across the five boroughs from July to August.
The move came days after the Adams administration placed them in an elementary school gym, then faced protests.
While NYC’s public libraries avoided deep budget cuts last week, most libraries in public schools lack a leader — and that hurts students, educators say.
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The program has 110,000 spots and is open to any child in the five boroughs. Here’s everything you need to know.
Only 53% of students, staffers, and parents filled out the NYC School Survey last year. Here’s how it works, and how the Department of Education uses the information.
Harlem’s public university seeks to shrink English teacher pay to close a $10M budget gap — and that’s before looming City Hall spending reductions.
The proposals, which include figuring out where to build new pools, aim to create a stronger lifeguard pipeline in New York City.
The gap in services is particularly acute in The Bronx, where more than two-thirds of children did not receive all of the therapies they could have.
Lucy Calkins wrote a popular reading curriculum used in hundreds of NYC elementary schools that encourages independent reading. But the model has come under fire from schools chancellor David Banks and others.
Education officials said it’s part of an attempt to tackle the mental health crisis gripping schools, but some teachers described the move as a “lackluster, inefficient way to really address social-emotional needs.”
More than 600 adjuncts and non-tenure track faculty are preparing to strike at the end of the month to demand more from the Jesuit institution with a billion-dollar endowment.
The reasons for enrollment declines are complex, and appear to include the lure of new school construction on one hand, and the high cost of living on the other.
Staff jump in to provide education and many other essentials for an unexpected influx of some six dozen migrant youth.