Rikers Island

A fifth person this year died behind bars at Rikers Island on Wednesday morning — the first woman in three years — just hours after officials announced they were overhauling their last overhaul.
Last year, 42 people arrested by the NYPD gave their address as the Fresh Meadows facility housing people released from jails and prisons.
Citing an “extraordinary level of violence and disorder” in city jails, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Damian Williams wrote an angry letter to a federal judge on Tuesday saying his next step would be “more aggressive relief.”
After THE CITY reported on Exodus Transitional Community’s troubled contract, Mayor Eric Adams is under pressure to spike the arrangement.
Global Operations Security claimed it was licensed to provide security at an inmate-release hotel run by Exodus Transitional Community. Our investigation found it wasn’t.
The city’s payout is the latest in a long list of seven-figure settlements made after jail-related deaths.
After an investigation by THE CITY, the Department of State is referring an unlicensed security firm to the Queens DA and the State AG for possible criminal prosecution.
Critics like Mayor Eric Adams say bail reform should be rolled back. Are they right?
Just days into his tenure, a senior official under DOC Commissioner Louis Molina sought permission to ease a rule banning officers from wearing cargo pants, THE CITY has learned. Sources say he was told “No way.”
Internal jails numbers obtained by THE CITY suggest that when only corrections officers, staff, certain contractors and lawyers were allowed in, detainees may have had even greater access to drugs.
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A worker with the Osborne Association, which provides inmate services on the island jail, was overcome by pepper spray after a terrifying surprise training drill with a correction officer dressed up as an inmate.
Commissioner Louis Molina on Monday asked Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Investigation Sarena Townsend to immediately step down. Townsend was lauded by a federal monitor overseeing the department, but unions wanted her gone.
“Enjoy the reprieve now!” the incoming mayor declared Thursday as he announced Louis Molina would head the Department of Correction. The family of Layleen Polanco, whose death at Rikers galvanized the anti-solitary movement, slammed Adams.
Correction Commissioner Vincent Schiraldi took the job running chaotic Rikers Island and other lockups in May hoping he would last beyond the de Blasio administration to see his policy changes through. But Mayor-elect Adams is replacing him.
The federal monitor overseeing city jails decried a “system that is rife with violence and disorder” as Rikers Island reels from chaos. It’s the worst year since the overseer was appointed in 2015, according to his latest dispatch.
As plans to close chaotic Rikers Island slowly turn, the Atlantic Avenue lockup is already empty and awaiting demolition. THE CITY toured the old jail and found eerie signs of the building’s 65-year history of holding countless detainees.
The sister of Layleen Polanco, whose 2019 jail death galvanized the movement to end isolating inmates, expressed her “disgust” for the mayor. De Blasio’s handpicked leader of the city jail oversight board also condemned his 11th-hour executive order.
The mayoral frontrunner supports closing the troubled jails complex, but has left the door open to changes in the plan. Meanwhile, with Rikers in chaos and correction officers calling in sick, Adams has strong links to a lobbyist paid by their union.
A mother whose son died behind bars, a top jail supervisor, the city’s former head of criminal justice and a recently released detainee weigh in on the crisis — and what can be done amid growing violence and staff absences.
The mayor took what one critic called a “sugar-coated” tour through the chaos-plagued jail complex Monday — marking his first visit in four years to the “nightmarish” lock-up.