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Sears Closing Brooklyn Store, Its Last Outpost in New York City

A liquidation sale is on at the Flatbush retailer, part of what was once a national retail juggernaut. Landmarking will protect the building but what comes next is unknown.

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Commercial Districts Grapple With Slowed Return to Business as Usual

Flatiron, Hudson Square, Downtown Brooklyn and the Garment District offer four studies in survival, with just 23% of Manhattan office workers back at their desks. Lures back include pedestrian space and cultural events.

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SoHo’s Big Test: Can Lower Rents Lure Back Stores and Tourists?

As the city’s economic reopening accelerates, the future of retail in Manhattan — especially in key business and tourist areas — remains unclear. Some clues of what’s to come might be found in a shop that specializes in slime.

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Early Signs of a NYC Retail Return With Deal-Seekers Ready to Gamble

Restaurant owners thriving on delivery are looking to expand as others barely hang on. Pet, health and home décor operations are also among those bucking the pandemic economy as door on optimism cracks open.

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Best Hope for NYC’s Economy in 2021: A ‘Transition Year’ With Modest Gains by the Fall

Even with vaccinations unfolding, the impending Biden presidency and Democratic control of the Senate, the city’s comeback will be slow, forecasters say.

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Century 21’s End is Bemoaned on the Brooklyn Block Where it Began in the Last Century

The Bay Ridge mainstay, which opened nearly 60 years ago, swallowed storefront after storefront on 86th Street before expanding beyond NYC. Now bankruptcy has claimed the retailer amid the pandemic.

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Staten Island Outlet Mall Struggles to Pay Back $8.5M City Debt

NYC Economic Development Corp. claims Empire Outlets owes money, despite $100 million in city and state aid.

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NYC Store Owners Say Suppliers Fuel Disinfectant Price Gouging

Receipts from retailers show suppliers have jacked prices for cleaning products amid coronavirus fight. That’s illegal under consumer protection law.

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Coronavirus Ripples Hit New York City Merchants From 7,000 Miles Away

Chinese textile factories shuttered over the virus are causing headaches for local clothing businesses. Mom and pop shops are feeling the pinch.

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De Blasio Takes Mom-and-Pop Commercial Rent Control Longshot

The mayor announced a panel to study the issue in his "saving New York" speech. But even he has doubts the longtime nonstarter can pass legal muster.


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Three Months In, City’s First Outlet Mall Is Barely One Third Full

Staten Island’s Empire Outlets is full of empty storefronts as some wonder if it’ll escape the retail apocalypse.

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Target Takes Aim at Queens and the Borough Fires Back

The retailer’s plans for Elmhurst and Astoria stores are met by protests and litigation amid concerns about non-union labor and neighborhood upheaval.