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With Grandmas Fully Vaxxed, Staten Island’s Maria Enoteca Restaurant Returns

The eatery, powered by "nonnas" — or grandmothers — from around the world, has gone organic and added a Japanese element ahead of its grand reopening Friday. The eatery had shut early in the pandemic, due to the ages of its beloved rotating chefs.

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NYC Loses Jobs as Pandemic Recession Takes Growing Toll on Workers of Color

The city shed 14,000 positions last month while the rest of the country saw its strongest employment growth in a year. Meanwhile, the increasing challenges facing Black and Latino New Yorkers underscore structural inequities, a new study found.

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Vaccine Mandate Offers Shot at Boosting Protection, But Businesses Wary

Store and restaurant workers will be on the frontlines dealing with the unvaccinated — and sometimes angry — public as a new city-wide requiring one dose to go inside bars, restaurants, indoor entertainment venues and gyms.

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Cuomo’s Call for Private Businesses to Require Vaccinations Spurs Demands for a Government Mandate

The governor urged the private sector to order employees back to workplaces and make everybody — including customers — get shots. But business owners said it’s up to elected officials to lead the way amid rising COVID rates.

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NYC Restaurants Cooking Up a Comeback, but Simmering Problems Remain

The city economic sector most devastated by the pandemic recession is finally showing signs of a sustained recovery as jobs start to rebound. But optimism is tempered by worker shortages, inadequate PPP relief and mixed forecasts ahead.

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Jobs Making a Careful Comeback as NYC Reopens

The city gained 35,000 positions last month with restaurants and the arts showing signs of resurgence. Hopes raised by the easing of most restrictions this week are tempered by an 11% unemployment rate.

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Brooklyn Restaurant Renaissance is Cooking, Poised to Overtake Manhattan as City’s Food Capital

Hundreds of new establishments have received permits to open this year, surging into work-from-home neighborhoods while shunning business districts decimated by the pandemic.

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Why Are Some NYC Restaurants Struggling to Find Workers? It’s Complicated…

Some owners believe that pandemic unemployment benefits are keeping people out of the workforce. But economists and worker advocates say multiple factors — including child care, low wages and COVID-changed perspectives — are at play.

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Bank Shot: Financial Giants’ Return to Manhattan Gives Smaller Businesses Hope

Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan have told their workers to plan to be back in the office — raising prospects that New York’s economic recovery may finally pick up speed.

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De Blasio’s ‘Open Streets’ Closed to Ailing Businesses Scraping to Raise Cash

The mayor’s pandemic program to close off corridors to cars provided a lifeline to many businesses last year. But restaurants and merchants along a heavily Hispanic stretch of Brooklyn’s Fifth Avenue say they can’t fully come back without financial help.


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New York City Jobs Jump Trails Nation as Wary Tourists Wait in the Wings

The city added 16,000 jobs last month, the most since August. But much of New York’s employment comeback hinges on when the vaccine rollout convinces office workers and visitors to return.

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How the Pandemic Is Speeding Up Job Automation for Struggling New Yorkers

Drivers, food preparation workers and more are at risk of seeing their positions go away — and Hispanic New Yorkers could get hit hardest, a new study found. The crisis is spurring calls for ambitious job-training efforts.

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New York in Job Hunt as City Seeks Economic Comeback from COVID

THE CITY is talking an ongoing look at the shaken-up jobs market amid the pandemic — including the varying impact on different employment sectors and evolving signs of what’s to come.

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Early Signs of a NYC Retail Return With Deal-Seekers Ready to Gamble

Restaurant owners thriving on delivery are looking to expand as others barely hang on. Pet, health and home décor operations are also among those bucking the pandemic economy as door on optimism cracks open.

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Reversing Course, Cuomo Approves Imminent Vaccine Access for Food Delivery and Restaurant Workers

Governor acts a day after telling THE CITY that food personnel would have to wait longer for their shot at a shot, as the return of indoor dining approaches. Now de Blasio must decide whether deliveristas and coworkers can join the priority line.

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Street Food Vendor Permits to Expand by Thousands as Council Readies Vote

A bill expected to pass next week would get many vendors off a years-long waiting list and finally working legally. But pandemic-slammed restaurant owners say the extra competition would further hurt their businesses.

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Jobs Take a Hit in New York as Local Economy Heads for a ‘Second-Wave Slowdown’

The loss of 7,500 positions last month marks the first decline since the economy bottomed out in April. Meanwhile, uncertainty over the vaccination rollout and government bailouts bodes for a double-dip recession.

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Best Hope for NYC’s Economy in 2021: A ‘Transition Year’ With Modest Gains by the Fall

Even with vaccinations unfolding, the impending Biden presidency and Democratic control of the Senate, the city’s comeback will be slow, forecasters say.

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How NYC Small Businesses Got Short Shrift on PPP Loans

Just half of mom-and-pops got loans amid a lack of help with onerous paperwork. And now more help is needed with Gov. Cuomo’s announcement ending indoor dining. See how microbusinesses in your neighborhood fared.

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NYC Landlords Suing Pandemic-Slammed Small Businesses for Missed Rent

Besieged by COVID-19, hundreds of city business owners, from clothiers to restaurateurs, are facing lawsuits over missed rent payments as revenue has all but vanished for many.