Republican Party

Only one of the three Democrats and four Republicans running to run the state actually lives in New York City, but all of them have agendas that would affect the five boroughs.
A nod from the local GOP or Democratic Party once usually spelled primary success for Staten Island candidates. But now, contenders on both sides of the aisle are running proudly without party backing — and are raising enough cash to compete.
GOP hopefuls Fernando Mateo and Curtis Sliwa used their biggest campaign stage yet to loudly fling insults for an hour, but found some areas of agreement — besides their mutual disdain.
Candidates Fernando Mateo and Curtis Sliwa will face off at the 7 p.m. event, which will be broadcast by THE CITY’s debate partners NY1 and WNYC. Early voting starts June 12, ahead of the June 22 primary.
Supporters of moving the deadline to May 28 would help more voters participate in the June 22 mayoral primary. But some Democrats see the bid as an incursions.
First bail reform. Then reopening the city. Now, Republicans looking to take back Brooklyn and Staten Island slots are campaigning on Blue and Black Lives Matter demonstrations.
Steve Scalise, Marco Rubio and other Republicans are lining up to support her challenge to Max Rose for the post, which also covers part of Brooklyn.
Democratic Assembly hopeful Brandon Patterson looks to take Brooklyn’s only current Republican slot amid growing blue wave.
Republican officials in the only borough that voted Trump couldn’t field anyone to face incumbent Michael McMahon, who is likely to coast to victory.
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