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Rent Guidelines Board

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Can the Pandemic Give Commercial Rent Control a New Lease on Life?

Shopkeepers say the COVID recession proved the precarious position of small business owners. Landlords, staggered by empty storefronts, say they can’t afford restrictions. Now, a last-ditch rent regulation bid is headed to the City Council.

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Renewing Your NYC Rental-Stabilized Apartment Lease? It’s Complicated This Time

The city Rent Guidelines Board decided to freeze the rent for the first six months — and then allow limited increases in the second six months for one-year leases. Here’s what you need to know to protect your rights.

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What Tenants Need to Know About NYC Rent Guidelines Board’s Latest Move

The city’s rent board pushed off an increase until next spring, but both one- and two-year leases will see hikes. Neither tenants nor landlords are happy — for different reasons.

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Battle Over Rent Hikes Turns to Who’s Suffered More: Tenants or Landlords?

The Rent Guidelines Board is expected to decide soon on an increase ranging from 0% to 2% for one-year leases. Residents are seeking a second rent freeze while building owners are calling for a thaw with rent relief aid for all finally on the way.

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Downtown Tenants and Landlords Skirmish Over Rent Reset

As residents learn they’re entitled to rent cuts and refunds tied to a tax break, some landlords try to keep the upper hand.

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What Does N.Y.’s New Rent Law Mean for Tenants?

A guide to the transformative legislation approved Friday in Albany.


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