Rent Guidelines Board

Not a single person spoke in favor of the board’s proposed rent increases at a sparse but vocal airing of testimony at Hostos Community College.
In this preliminary vote, the board also approved 4% to 7% maximum increases on two-year leases. A final vote is coming next month.
Eviction fears and operating cost inflation fuel an unusually sharp clash in testimony to panel that will decide rent hikes potentially as high as 8.5% next year.
The nine-person board is about to take its preliminary vote, then hear rowdy input from the public. As the city’s affordability crisis worsens, the process is set to be as tense as ever in 2023.
Long-time residents say they’re being hit with huge rent increases that have unsettled their lives and forced some of them to leave the building.
The Rent Guidelines Board finds an increase in the number of financially stressed rent-regulated buildings.
Tenants jeer jump in regulated rents — which landlords say is necessary to counter inflation but still doesn’t cover rising costs.
Both ‘good cause’ and a tax break for developers are doomed, and other things tenants should know about what made the cut in the state capital.
The Rent Guidelines Board will hold two public hearings in June before a final vote on rent regulated lease renewals. Here’s how to testify.
A compromise touted by Mayor Eric Adams leaves nobody happy, with landlords warning about higher costs and tenant advocates pointing to a spike in evictions and homelessness.
The new figures are a guide for the nine-member Rent Guidelines Board before they make a preliminary recommendation in May, then a final vote on rent guidelines in June.
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The Rent Guidelines Board kept rent increases historically low during the de Blasio administration. The board must vote on rent prices by July 1, and Mayor Eric Adams’ recent appointees are worrying tenant advocates.
Shopkeepers say the COVID recession proved the precarious position of small business owners. Landlords, staggered by empty storefronts, say they can’t afford restrictions. Now, a last-ditch rent regulation bid is headed to the City Council.
The city Rent Guidelines Board decided to freeze the rent for the first six months — and then allow limited increases in the second six months for one-year leases. Here’s what you need to know to protect your rights.
The city’s rent board pushed off an increase until next spring, but both one- and two-year leases will see hikes. Neither tenants nor landlords are happy — for different reasons.
The Rent Guidelines Board is expected to decide soon on an increase ranging from 0% to 2% for one-year leases. Residents are seeking a second rent freeze while building owners are calling for a thaw with rent relief aid for all finally on the way.
As residents learn they’re entitled to rent cuts and refunds tied to a tax break, some landlords try to keep the upper hand.
A guide to the transformative legislation approved Friday in Albany.