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‘Independent’ Redistricting Panel Draws Partisan Battle Lines in Congress Fight

A bipartisan commission charged with reforming political mapmaking fails its first test as New York Democrats and Republicans deliver dueling congressional and state legislative maps. The gridlock came as House midterm elections loomed.

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City Senators Refuse to Commit to Commission’s Redistricting Maps

THE CITY asked 10 local incumbents who stand to see their district lines redrawn by a new Independent Redistricting Commission whether they’ll vote yes on nonpartisan results. Three said no, while the others — including Queens reformer Mike Gianaris — dodged the question.

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NYC Asian Activists Seek to Turn Surging Population Into Electoral Power

New Census numbers showing a 43% increase of Asian New Yorkers in Brooklyn and a 29% jump in Queens fuel demands for more representation as the process for redrawing elected officials’ district lines heats up.

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What You Need to Know About New York’s Next Big Political Battle: Redistricting

Decisions at the city and state level will decide who has a shot at representing you in Congress, the state Legislature and City Council. Empower yourself with key facts about the high-stakes process of drawing district lines.


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