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Cuomo Calls Off ‘Non-Essential’ Construction Statewide

After outcry from workers and job sites impacted by coronavirus, governor nixes most residential and commercial building projects in New York.

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Evictions and Trials Halted While Courts Defend Against Coronavirus

Meanwhile, two community courthouses are being eyed as NYPD holding centers for arrested people suspected of having the COVID-19 illness.

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De Blasio Takes Mom-and-Pop Commercial Rent Control Longshot

The mayor announced a panel to study the issue in his "saving New York" speech. But even he has doubts the longtime nonstarter can pass legal muster.

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Pols Draft Proposal to Fine Brokers, Landlords Who Flout New Rent Laws

Two Assembly members plan to introduce legislation to allow thousands in penalties for not following a $20 application cap and other reforms.

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Real Estate Brokers Blow Beyond New $20 Tenant Fee Cap

Real estate group tells members that law’s limits on charges for apartment applications applies only to landlords. Tenants and lawmakers cry foul.


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