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Skylines and Streetscapes: How New York City Physically Changed in de Blasio Era

Supertalls proliferated. Cars gave way to busways. Outdoor dining everywhere. Nine neighborhoods have been rezoned. Here’s how the physical city morphed in the last eight years.

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As Hochul Launches Penn Station Revival Plan, Risky Bets Placed on Office Building Boom

Three of New York’s biggest real estate companies are making billion-dollar wagers that pandemic-spurred remote working will give way to a return to buildings. But can they fill millions of square feet of space amid an office glut?

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East Harlem Waiting for Long-Term Trash Fix Four Years After de Blasio Pledge

An East 99th Street sanitation garage has been falling down for over 30 years. City Hall promised to find a permanent replacement as the East Harlem rezoning got the green light in 2017. That goal is still far off, locals say.

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Google Won’t Take Office Building Tax Breaks That Amazon Searched For

The online search giant, which announced plans Tuesday to open a massive Manhattan headquarters, is forgoing the benefits Amazon sought to reap for its ill-fated Long Island City headquarters, THE CITY has learned.

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Can the Pandemic Give Commercial Rent Control a New Lease on Life?

Shopkeepers say the COVID recession proved the precarious position of small business owners. Landlords, staggered by empty storefronts, say they can’t afford restrictions. Now, a last-ditch rent regulation bid is headed to the City Council.

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Gowanus Could Become More Diverse After Rezoning, Racial Impact Study Finds

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Make-or-Break Vote Looms for Brooklyn Botanic Garden Shadow-Casting Towers

City Planning Commission has power to kill a project projected to steal sunlight from part of the historic green space, or cut it down from a proposed 34 stories. The developer says affordable housing is at stake.

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SoHo’s Big Test: Can Lower Rents Lure Back Stores and Tourists?

As the city’s economic reopening accelerates, the future of retail in Manhattan — especially in key business and tourist areas — remains unclear. Some clues of what’s to come might be found in a shop that specializes in slime.

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New York Rent Relief Application Snags Frustrate Landlords and Tenants

Landlord and tenant advocates disagree over the level of residents’ enthusiasm for applying to the state to get back rent paid. But they agree tapping the $2.4 billion aid has been stymied by onerous paperwork and technical glitches.

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New Evidence Eric Adams Retained Brooklyn Co-op Long After He Says Gave It to His ‘Good Friend’

A 2021 document reviewed by THE CITY lists the mayoral frontrunner as co-owner of the Prospect Heights apartment. And a real estate agent says Adams once foiled a sale — a decade after he allegedly relinquished his stake.


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New York City Jobs Jump Trails Nation as Wary Tourists Wait in the Wings

The city added 16,000 jobs last month, the most since August. But much of New York’s employment comeback hinges on when the vaccine rollout convinces office workers and visitors to return.

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Embattled Cuomo Pushes Skyline-Altering Penn Station Real Estate Plan as Critics Mobilize

Despite a barrage of scandals plaguing his administration, Gov. Cuomo is flexing muscle to keep a major development scheme in Midtown on track. The mega-project has met little opposition — until recently. State budget negotiations could be key.

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Crown Heights Grocer Sued Over Campaign to Save Supermarket

As a neighborhood rallies to rescue Associated grocery on Nostrand Avenue from the bulldozer, landlord alleges a scheme to sabotage planned housing and retail.

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For Crumbling Congregations, a Bible on How to Save a House of Worship

As more religious communities succumb to financial woes worsened by the pandemic, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer offers an "Action Book" for congregants trying to avoid selling out their spiritual homes.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Shadow-Casting Towers Qualify for Generous Trump Tax Break State Lawmakers Want to Slash

"Opportunity Zone" benefits will come to investors in a controversial Crown Heights real estate project whether or not affordable housing remains in the picture. A bill would end New York’s part of the program.

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Unpaid Property Taxes Leap in New York City as Tenants and Landlords Struggle

The $1.3 billion in pandemic-driven arrears surpasses the debt driven up during the last financial crisis. There’s a split, though, over whether the void will throw the city budget into turmoil.

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Crown Heights Botanic Garden-Shadowing Developer Unveils Shorter Alternatives — With Little or No Affordable Housing

Continuum Company says it can build 500+ luxury condominiums without any additional clearances. It’s also offering to scale down the project and its affordable housing, but garden tenders say the threat of harm to plants still looms large.

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NYC’s Small Landlords of Color Among Those Battling for Survival Amid Rent Moratorium

The city could see a repeat of the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, when a disproportionate share of Black and Hispanic homeowners lost their properties, small building owners and their advocates warn.

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Best Hope for NYC’s Economy in 2021: A ‘Transition Year’ With Modest Gains by the Fall

Even with vaccinations unfolding, the impending Biden presidency and Democratic control of the Senate, the city’s comeback will be slow, forecasters say.

Racial Profiling Allegations Emerge at Luxury Brooklyn Rental Building After Guest Screening Conflicts and Dog Park Bans

Some Black tenants contend staffers at the Willoughby Street high-rise treat them and their guests with less respect than white neighbors.