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Under new proposed rules to Local Law 97, buildings that show a good faith effort to meet carbon caps could get a reprieve. But some backers of the law say the delay isn’t warranted.
The Park Church sanctuary had served north Brooklyn for more than a decade, offering performance space, day care, a soup kitchen and a homeless shelter.
A City Council committee shrinks the timeline for the Midtown arena’s operation as Penn Station plans hang in the balance.
Lawmakers, court authorities and city agencies have failed to safeguard the estates of homeowners who die without wills, threatening the transfer of Black and Latino generational wealth.
The demolition of a mansion that was used as a community clubhouse has left a wound, and also spurred neighborhood activism.
Estimates to replace or upgrade all public housing developments jumps from $45 billion to $78 billion even as the number of apartments drops from 176,000 to 161,000.
Brothers Joseph and Elliot Ambalo and their partner Etai Vardi use a web of LLCs to acquire shares of residential properties across New York City. We’re publishing the LLC names.
An investigation by THE CITY has unearthed multiple fraud and forgery allegations against Elliot and Joseph Ambalo and their partner Etai Vardi who target unsuspecting homeowners and unprotected tenants in Black and Latino neighborhoods.
Owners don’t object to the goal of a city law requiring buildings to lower carbon emissions — but they do mind the significant expense.
Waitstaff said they’re scrambling to find new jobs after coming in on Wednesday to be told it would be their last day.
From the Barrymores to the Palmieris, the first families of American entertainment have graced the stages of the four-story building in Mott Haven.
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Salmar Properties spent $28,000 on a top influence firm, on top of campaign donations to Eric Adams from family members that exceeded legal limits.
A massive industrial building — until recently home to a Bed Bath & Beyond — is slated to get an influx of government employees relocating from Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn.
Steve Cohen has not agreed to a deal that would allow fans at NYCFC games park on Citi Field’s lots, hoping to leverage the land in favor of his casino bid.
Remote work, a possible recession and higher interest rates spell big trouble for office buildings and tax revenue. One bright spot emerges.
The company marketing the technology is promising to save building owners from hefty fines under Local Law 97. But city officials say it doesn’t fit the current law.
The owner of the legendary poet’s onetime Harlem residence still wants it open to the community — and free from outside control.
Developers and tenant advocates alike say leaders in Albany failed to put muscle into pushing ambitious development proposals, allowing naysayers to win.
First-time jobless claims rise, even as employers are financing a special tax to pay down unemployment insurance fund debts piled up in the pandemic.
A quartet of investors say they’re only helping the dispossessed get what’s due. But their actions have exploited family divisions — and relatives on both sides of the deals say they’ve been ripped off.
Gov. Kathy Hochul’s plan to lift a state land use rule is meeting opposition from some Manhattan and Brooklyn legislators.