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Rats Overrun Plaza at Brooklyn Subway Stop That Mayor Promised to Help

Visitors and business owners at Newkirk Plaza, a shopping strip above a Q/B station in Flatbush, dodge hordes of rodents. Council candidates are among those calling on City Hall to stop the siege.

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Return of the Rats: Budget Cuts Means a Free Lunch for Rodents

Reductions to the Sanitation Department’s role in rat mitigation could mean a blow to New York City’s humans — and a big win for its vermin.

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NYCHA Conducting Its Own 2020 Census — of Rats, Mice and Roaches

The New York City Housing Authority has quietly started a campaign to tally the number of vermin in 320 developments across the five boroughs.

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Gnawing Problem: NYCHA Far From Meeting Rat Fix Deadline

The Housing Authority had promised the feds that it would quantify its vermin problem by the end of July and clean up 70,000 apartments in a month.

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NYCHA Lead ‘Emergency’ as Clean-up Falters and Child Poisonings Rise

A damning federal monitor report describes failures to protect public housing residents from everything from lead to mold to rats "the size of cats."


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