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Raise the Age

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‘Raise the Age’ Observers Find Progress and Pain in Courts Following Juvenile Justice Reforms

Nearly three dozen young New Yorkers have fanned out across the city’s courtrooms to evaluate the transformation that halted the automatic prosecution of 16- and 17-year-olds as adults.

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Federal Monitor to Abandon Violence-Plagued Horizon Juvenile Center

Bronx youth detention facility with higher use-of-force rate than Rikers will lose key watchdog when child-services workers take full command in fall.

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Force More Frequent Against Teens At Juvenile Lockups

Stats revealed at Council hearing where city officials came under fire for a rocky start to a law intended to protect kids who are arrested.

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Correction Officers Get Lavish Welcome at Juvenile Center They’re Due to Exit

Records show nearly $17 million spent on facilities for guards mere months before children’s agency takes over Horizon facility in the South Bronx.

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Legal System Off to Slow Start on ‘Raise The Age’ Night-Court Fix

An amended law intended to quickly move kids out of the adult criminal system and ease the burden of extra court dates is having growing pains.

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Big Influx of 17-Year-Olds Poses Next ‘Raise the Age’ Test

New York’s speedy shift to stop prosecuting kids under 18 as adults faces huge challenge as more teens enter a new system that’s shown growing pains.

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Some Teen Detainees Still Treated Like Adults, or Worse, Despite ‘Raise The Age’

Despite goals of "Raise the Age" law, about two-thirds of eligible minors are first being processed nights and weekends alongside adults, data shows.

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No Green Space in Sight at Bronx Youth Detention Center

Recreation areas still under construction months after "Raise the Age" moved teens off Rikers Island and into the Horizon Juvenile Center.


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