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Manhattan Lead Paint Confusion Casts New Doubts on Moving Public Housing to Private Management

A supervisor assigned to oversee possible lead paint removal didn’t have certification. Meanwhile, an asbestos removal firm with a record of violations was hired. Some elected officials say NYCHA must pause transferring buildings to private firms.

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Alleged Mold Coverup Stains Public Housing Move to Private Management

A developer charged with taking over a NYCHA housing complex in Upper Manhattan patched over toxic mold with sheetrock, an investigation found. The discovery added to some tenants’ doubts about so-called RAD conversions.

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NYCHA Mold Court Deal Faces Do-Over as Judge Moves to Protect All Tenants

The 2013 court-monitored agreement to eradicate toxic mold from public housing doesn’t cover apartments being moved to private management. That’s a big problem, says the judge, who ordered the city and residents to hammer out a new deal.

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After Demolition Scare, Chelsea NYCHA Tenants Forge New Path With Private Management

Fulton and Chelsea-Elliott residents met with top housing officials for months to hash out what comes next for their Manhattan homes. The process has been rocky at times, but could become a model for how NYCHA engages with tenants across the city.

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Can Mayoral Hopeful Shaun Donovan Save New York City’s Crumbling Public Housing?

The ex-city and federal housing boss created a controversial privatization program now used in NYC. NYCHA’s lead-poisoning scandal festered while he was in Washington. Now Donovan says he can rescue residents.

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How NYCHA Allegedly Closed the Book on Repairs It Didn’t Do

With every apartment that gets turned over to private management, public housing officials wipe away mold fixes and other unfinished work, an advocacy group charges. Meanwhile, the number of outstanding repairs recently hit a record 475,000.

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RAD Revs Up in Manhattan as Deadline for NYCHA Tenants to Sign Private Leases Looms

Private managers are aiming to close on the "Manhattan bundle" in late November. Some public housing tenants are cautiously optimistic to sign on with new management while others boycott the move.

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Feeling Left Out, Public Housing Tenants ‘Not on Board’ With Privatization Plan

Residents at a public housing complex on East 28th Street are planning to boycott an upcoming meeting about the impending conversion of their building to private management.

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NYCHA Monitor, Mold Protections Vanish for Tenants Under Private Management

As homes to thousands enter the RAD program, crucial court and monitor oversight of everything from repairs to health woes in public housing ceases.

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What Is RAD? A Look at NYCHA’s Private Management Move

More than 15,000 apartments will be privately operated under Rental Assistance Demonstration by year’s end — part of a target total of 62,000 units.


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Tenants in Privately Managed NYCHA Homes Kept in Dark on Building Repairs

Once a complex enters the Rental Assistance Demonstration program, where private developers run public housing, online repair and outage reports stop.

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New NYCHA Chair’s Vow: No One Will Lose Their Apartment

Gregory Russ says there’s nothing to fear from private overhaul of public housing. But tenant concerns permeated his previous gig in Minneapolis.