The Black jobless rate of 12.2% is nine times the white unemployment level, a far wider gap than elsewhere in the U.S.
The subway rider was strangled by a fellow straphanger while seemingly in the throes of a mental health crisis. Police and prosecutors have released little information.
Opponents — and even some of their endorsed candidates — say one well-organized group of parents is turning Community Education Councils into forums for right-wing animosity over issues like critical race theory and the treatment of LGBTQ+ youth.
A group of law professors has filed new complaints to the state’s grievance committee based on findings by appeals judges that the prosecutors broke the law.
Over generations, residents of the Cooper Park Houses in Brooklyn have created a blueprint for successful housing organizing.
Surrogate Court Judge Harriet Thompson allegedly used prejudiced language, but another judge ruled that didn’t mean she could be barred from the courthouse’s private spaces.
Nearly two years after the Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes began giving grants to community groups, they can’t say who’s received that money or what it’s achieved.
New Yorkers said yes to the Environmental Bond Act and approved changes proposed by the Racial Equity Commission.
If enacted, the proposals would boost spending on environmental projects, define how the city calculates the cost of living and create a new racial equity office.
New York’s tech workforce is more diverse than other major hubs, but Black startup leaders say that they still face discrimination.
The street-crime police units are back under Mayor Adams with a new name. Officials say they will be looking for guns in 30 precincts. Can you record them on your phone? Do they have to provide ID? We answer these questions and more.
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Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman was suspended from the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia and asked to resign from the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Some say the reckoning is just beginning.
“A startling trend,” says head of a leading anti-poverty organization. Adams and Hochul haven’t detailed how they might help.
Through the end of November — the latest figures provided by the Hate Crime Task Force — 30 of the 84 reported subway bias incidents targeted Asians, a 233% jump from 2020.
Proposals ranging from creating a new watchdog agency to rewriting the top of the City Charter to measuring the “true cost of living” are expected to be approved soon for next year’s ballot. Here’s what you need to know now.
Grassroots groups announce petition to federal agencies demanding review they say state failed to give to National Grid project running from Brownsville to Greenpoint.
Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky sent letters Monday to Attorney General Letitia James and State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli requesting a thorough review of BioReference Laboratories’ contracts and employment practices following THE CITY’s report.
Six Chinese phlebotomists employed by BioReference Laboratories are alleging years of unequal pay and work conditions. They’ve filed complaints with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission while preparing a lawsuit.
The historic legalization measure includes a social justice plan to give a piece of the action to groups targeted by drug wars. Here’s everything you need to know — including when you’ll be able to legally buy weed.
A new analysis found that people of color were subjected to 94% of pot-related arrests and summonses across the city last year. Supporters are reviving legalization efforts, but the governor’s travails leave hopes up in the air.