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Parents, public officials and climate advocates all say the mayor and his team were ill-prepared for the effects of a storm that was on the radar days before.
With a full casino license coming and a track in Nassau being restored, the end is approaching for New York City’s only horse track, which has held races since 1894.
A pilot program funded by the booking giant has provided a handful of community college students vouchers for six months of free housing, but the program is in limbo now.
An auto repair shop’s departure this week will allow the EPA to begin cleaning up radiological contamination that’s been sitting for decades at the Wolff-Alport Chemical Company site in Ridgewood.
PS 398, named after the late labor leader Hector Figueroa, is roiled by a battle between its staff and principal.
New York City must compete for a share of the $1.2 trillion national infrastructure pot, with the BQE revamp and electric vehicle charging topping the list.
An NYPD neighborhood coordination officer is accused of taking sides in a local conflict rather than serving as a liaison between the police and the community.
Outpost Club promises hassle-free, low-commitment entree into Bushwick, Ridgewood and other trendy neighborhoods. Some residents are on rent strike and demanding their apartments get their regulated status restored.
Even licensed vendors were feeling the heat this week, while ousted ones replaced carts with clipboards as they petitioned to return.
‘This is the best restaurant in Queens,’ says one fan of the the Corona mainstay, founded in Cuba in 1950.
Shuttered Lefrak City library branch flooded during Ida and again in April.
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Opened less than three years ago, the ‘mist garden’ has been closed for months by a leak.
Big event producers want more access and fee transparency, while organizers of smaller-scale festivals worry about being displaced.
The 1,000-person facilities are expected to open in weeks at Creedmoor Psychiatric Facility and Aqueduct Race Track.
Émilia Decaudin would make history as New York’s first transgender state legislator if elected.
Owners don’t object to the goal of a city law requiring buildings to lower carbon emissions — but they do mind the significant expense.
Waitstaff said they’re scrambling to find new jobs after coming in on Wednesday to be told it would be their last day.
The city’s two contested DA primaries this year will determine who serves as the top prosecutor in The Bronx and Queens, setting the tone for how those counties address legal system reforms — or not.
Shower trucks stand at the ready as Mayor Eric Adams awaits a green light from the federal government.
City Hall has only publicly acknowledged three such centers operating now, but THE CITY has learned that six are open holding about 1,400 people.