A number of barriers contribute to the shortage of Latinos in the state legislature, including low voter turnout, difficulty fundraising, scandals and factions splintering the vote.
At the Brooklyn base of the Kosciuszko Bridge a gleaming new park attracts visitors from around the world. On the Queens side they have anger and frustration.
Fred Kreizman worked for mega-lobbyist Capalino and Associates on behalf of condo, warehouse and shelter developers until Eric Adams was inaugurated. Now he’s in charge of the mayor’s office that interacts with community boards and local concerns.
Under New York’s sweeping climate law, certain neighborhoods are guaranteed to get attention and money if they qualify as disadvantaged. Find out how to check your block’s designation — and weigh in on the process.
Last year, 42 people arrested by the NYPD gave their address as the Fresh Meadows facility housing people released from jails and prisons.
Speaker Adrienne Adams will use the Council’s central fund to pay rent at members’ district offices, freeing up money to dedicate to staff and the community.
After THE CITY reported on Exodus Transitional Community’s troubled contract, Mayor Eric Adams is under pressure to spike the arrangement.
The New York Mets’ billionaire owner has been pushing City Hall for development around his Queens ballpark, possibly including gambling and nature trails.
A low-lying neighborhood where most residents aren’t connected to the city’s sewer system is struggling to transform itself. But some experts question whether investments to keep people living in a fundamentally flood-prone area are wise.
The city housing agency is looking to rezone sections of The Rockaways for its Resilient Edgemere Community Plan. But locals decry the prospect of bigger buildings, and renters.
After an investigation by THE CITY, the Department of State is referring an unlicensed security firm to the Queens DA and the State AG for possible criminal prosecution.
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Lauryn Petrie was just getting her life together after a history of abuse and drugs when the pandemic locked down her dreams of stand-up comedy fame. She took her sense of humor to the morgue instead.
Tech consortium CityBridge is poised to install ultrafast internet-transmitting structures to bridge the digital divide. But its earlier LinkNYC program was a debacle, ending in debt and unfulfilled promises.
Exodus Transitional Community has received $51 million under a city contract that ballooned during the pandemic, without outside reviews or reporting of crisis incidents
Dozens of Jackson Heights tenants, still displaced nearly a year after blaze, say the NYPD won’t allow them to report their belongings stolen — and demand justice.
The aid program for undocumented immigrants and other people left out of federal programs had stopped taking applications in January despite tens of millions of dollars still being available.
Outsider trash has long been a problem in neighborhoods like Hollis, Jamaica and St. Albans. In lieu of help from officials, many community members are taking matters into their own hands.
While thousands of tenants have filed cases claiming their landlords locked them out to defy the eviction moratorium, just a handful have been charged for the crime.
One seat possibly in play is the newly drawn State Senate district currently occupied by Democrat Diane Savino.
George Zapantis died after responding officers deployed Tasers seven times, with coroner calling homicide the cause. But official review of the unarmed civilian fatality found police had reason to subdue him.
As the telecommunications company expands its fiber-optics network across New York, DSL and phone customers, like one Queens doctor worried about dire consequences, struggle to get even a dial tone.