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New School Year Brings New Concerns of Pandemic ‘Educational Neglect’ Child Welfare Probes

Mayor de Blasio tried Wednesday to reassure parents there won’t be a repeat of last year when, as THE CITY revealed, some families were investigated during remote-learning simply because they didn’t have internet or get their city-issued iPads.

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Your Guide to the Latest NYC Primary Results — From Mayor to City Council

Overwhelmed by all the information coming out about initial tallies of in-person, ranked choice first-place votes? Here’s the latest, at a glance.

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What You Need to Know About the Public Advocate Race in 2021

What does New York’s public advocate do? And who is challenging current Public Advocate Jumaane Williams? Here’s the lowdown.

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Public Advocate Blasts Delays on de Blasio’s Mental Health ‘Diversion Centers’

Jumaane Williams, citing THE CITY’s report that one center is empty and another barely used after millions spent, demands answers on the ThriveNYC projects. "It’s beyond frustrating," he said.

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Comptroller and Public Advocate Races: What You Need to Know

The contests for the two key citywide posts are getting lost amid the mayoral primary battle. Here’s why you should care — straight from a former comptroller and an ex-public advocate.

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Here’s the Ballot Lineup for June 22 New York City Primaries

The number of candidates for everything from mayor to City Council has narrowed. But a lot of hopefuls still pack the first citywide ranked choice voting ballot. We’ve got some lists.

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Do You Know Who to ‘Yell’ at in New York City Government?

Knowing how to solve a problem on your block or in your community often means knowing who has the power to fix it — and how to get their attention. As the big citywide primary approaches, here’s a look at how to tap officer holders to get things done.

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Public Advocate Staffers’ New Union Gains Recognition So They Can Advocate for Themselves

The city’s Office of Labor Relations has granted so-called voluntary recognition to dozens of non-managerial employees in Public Advocate Jumaane Williams’ office.

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Another ‘Worst Landlord’ Nod for Troubled Housing Group

Tenants and contractor say Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corp. owes them big money as it sells buildings through bankruptcy.

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Video Footage of Fatal Police Shooting Raises New Questions

Why didn’t cops just close the door instead of shooting Kawaski Trawick in his Bronx apartment, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams asks.


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Pols Demand Answers After Details of Kawaski Trawick Killing Revealed

Public Advocate Jumaane Williams called for "full transparency" from the NYPD as other officials said they were examining the shooting.