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THE CITY’s reporting found that New York City landlords have kept more than 60,000 apartments vacant in the midst of a housing crisis rather than comply with laws meant to preserve affordable housing.

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Library Video Conferencing Helps Loved Ones Book Visits in the Pen

When the pandemic hit, New York state prisons banned in-person visits in an attempt to limit the spread of the virus.  The Department of Corrections and Community Supervision began to expand the use of video visits at state lock-ups as an alternative.  Now, the Brooklyn Public Library has begun a…

LISTEN: George Santos Defines Democracy’s Deterioration  

Show Notes: Here’s Harry’s column on Eric Adams’ plunging poll numbers. Just below is Rob Blogojevich praising the the Mekons though you’ll have to listen to the new episode to get the context for that, and you can also go to the end of this episode from March to hear…

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N.Y. vs. Everything

Politico’s new New York editor Sally Goldenberg visits the pod to talk about the state of the city now, what she saw in her months in the wilderness covering the Republican presidential campaign, and much more. If you like what you’re hearing, please spread the word, and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube or wherever…

Queens, L.I. Pols Gear Up for Special Election Fight After Santos Ousted

George Santos has officially been expelled from Congress — and local party officials in Queens and Nassau County are already hurrying to vet and get a candidate out the door to represent the swing district with a national spotlight. The race to replace him is imminent: State law requires the…

City Tweaks Rules at Shelter Re-Up Site to Curb Overnight Camping

City officials have rejiggered the way that adult migrants reapplying for another 30-day shelter stint are counted, in an attempt to reduce the number sleeping outside a “reticketing site” in the East Village, advocates say.  The change comes following uproar earlier this week, as hundreds of people waited for hours…

Bronx Board Approves Committee to Consider Demotion of Leadership

At a highly anticipated meeting on Thursday night, Bronx Community Board 11 voted to create a committee to consider the demotion of two leaders embroiled in controversy after the publication of a letter by vice chair Albert D’Angelo disparaging Black people. In an executive session closed to the public, the…